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Volume 8, Number 3, January 20, 1981

Cover of EIR Volume 8, Number 3, January 20, 1981

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A foreign-policy breakthrough?

Middle East Report  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Who runs the police?

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menendez

López Portillo’s India trip.

Energy Insider  

Natural gas and price decontrol.


Can Reagan Avoid a Depression?  

by David Goldman

Documentation: Excerpts from the Senate Banking Committee hearings where senators challenged Paul Volcker, and selections from Treasury Secretary-designate Regan’s remarks.

Jack Kemp Proposes Summit between Reagan and EMS Founders  

International Credit  

by Renée Sigerson

Lenders batten down the hatches.


by David Goldman

Irregular Soviet operations.

Domestic Credit  

by Richard Freeman

If Chrysler goes.

World Trade  

by Mark Sonnenblick


by Kathy Burdman

U.S. League shows some fight.

The Plot Against U.S. Housing  

by Richard Freeman

Documentation: An interview with Illinois Cement Masons President Ron Thelin.

Currency Rates  

Business Briefs  

Special Report

Italy’s Future: Socialist Coup or Gaullist Republic  

by Muriel Mirak

Documentation: a profile of the would-be Mussolini, Socialist Bettino Craxi.

Italian Terrorism: A Political Weapon  

by Muriel Mirak

The ‘Heavy Lira’ Proposal Dominates Economic Debate  

by Nora Hamerman

Rumors and denials of a currency reform.

The Postwar Struggle for a ‘Heavy Lira’ Reconstruction Plan  

by Marco Fanini

Why Italy’s Central Bankers Oppose the ‘Heavy Lira’  

Interview with EIR’s Paolo Raimondi.


Good News from Reagan-López Portillo Talks  

by Dennis Small

Documentation: Excerpts from the communiqué and the Foreign Ministry’s account of the meeting.

Mexico’s Shopping List for U.S. Exports  

The manufactures they want, and the U.S.jobs that would result.

The Partido Laboral Mexicano versus Jorge Castañeda  

by Timothy Rush

Pressure is mounting on the “disheveled” minister.

Documentation: Sour Grapes in the U.S. Press

International Intelligence  


The ‘Agenda for the 80s’: A Deindustrialization Scheme  

by Lonnie Wolfe

A Carter commission is trying to rig a debate to corner the Reagan administration into giving up on American-style urban growth.

Documentation: Recommendations by the commission and the London Economist.

Haig and Kissinger Act Out London’s NATO Scenario  

by Kathleen Murphy

The most disturbing side of U.S. foreign policy prospects.

Heritage Foundation and Friends  

by Scott Thompson and Lonnie Wolfe

Explaining the paradox of this “new right” outfit’s collaboration with social democrats and Soviet intelligence agents.

John Block Looks to a Growth Policy for U.S. Agriculture  

by Graham Lowry

The new farm secretary started with a blast against the Federal Reserve’s credit crunch.

National News  

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