Volume 8, Number 18, May 5, 1981



Art Investor

by Dr. D. Stephen Pepper

How an auction works.

From New Delhi

by Paul Zykofsky

Thatcher gets the deep freeze.

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

Who’s pushing genocide in Mexico?

Middle East Report

by Robert Dreyfuss

The mad scramble in Iran.

Facts Behind Terrorism

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Reactivation of the BLA.

Congressional Closeup

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Energy Insider

by William Engdahl

The economics of nuclear and coal.


NICs and the Shape of Things To Come

by David Goldman

David Goldman on the Guido Carli proposal for the “Newly Industrialized Countries.”

Congress Scurries Behind Stockman Budget Plans

by Barbara Dreyfuss

No major budget bill has yet contested the cuts that will sabotage U.S. productivity.

Time Runs Out for a Challenge to Eurodollar Takeover of the U.S.

by Kathy Burdman

Banking scenarios become reality, reports Kathy Burdman.

International Credit

by Renée Sigerson

BIS joins Wharton on crisis debate.

Domestic Credit

by Richard Freeman

Commerce announces GNP miracle.

Foreign Exchange

by David Goldman

Why the Treasury threw a tantrum.

World Trade

by Mark Sonnenblick

Currency Rates

Business Briefs

Special Report

Will the Shuttle Relaunch America?

by Marsha Freeman

NASA Creates New Economic Leaps

by Dr. John Schoonover

The technological payoff.

U.S. strategy: Unprepared for the New Era of Beam Weaponry

by Dr. Steven Bardwell

Mutually Assured Deterrence is outdated-so is the current U.S. military debate.

Soviet Space Plans Reach for the Stars

by Marsha Freeman

Allies Protest the NASA Cutbacks

by Dana Sloan

Documentation: An exclusive interview with French scientific research official Pierre Aigrain.


Yamani Offers Price Drop and Middle East Stability

by Robert Dreyfuss

The full scope of the Saudi oil minister’s April initiatives.

Will Haig Succeed in Splitting Lebanon?

by Judith Wyer

Moves and countermoves around the partition conspiracy.

Unholy Alliance with the KGB’s Arabs

by Mark Burdman

Israel’s Begin makes preelection use of Lebanon.

Emergency U.S. Policy Toward the Endangered Nation of Lebanon

by Lyndon H. LaRouche

A statement by EIR founder Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., on behalf of the National Democratic Policy Committee.

Behind the Terror Outbreak

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Brandt Faction Mounts Offensive Against West German Government

by Susan Welsh

A three-part report by Susan Welsh.

FDP’s Baum Wrecks Counterintelligence

Schmidt Fights Back As National Leader

International Intelligence


The Conrail Sale and the New Robber Barons

by Leif Johnson

Leif Johnson analyzes the way Conrail’s competitors have restored the old “trust” system, draining capital from rail users and trying to pick up Conrail lines again, now that the taxpayer has poured vast revenue into them.

Global 2000 Author Gerald Barney Praises Fidel Castro and Mexico’s CP

by Lonnie Wolfe

An interview with a key proselytizer for mass extermination.

Justice Department Outsmarts Itself

by Richard Magraw

Richard Magraw’s firsthand report from the New Jersey trial of three Teamster leaders. The case turned against the federal witnesses.

National News