Volume 8, Number 40, October 13, 1981




Nobuhiko Ushiba, Japanese cochairman of the Shimoda conference, and David MacEachron, president of the Japan Society.

Middle East Report

by Robert Dreyfuss

Haig caught sabotaging AWACS.

Science & Technology

by Marsha Freeman

U.S. budget axe targets NASA, fusion.

Congressional Closeup

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Energy Insider

by William Engdahl

We’d better start breeding.


The IMF’s Annual Meeting Issues a Death Sentence

by David Goldman and Laurent Murawiec

The U.S. Administration was drawn into spearheading the Fund’s plan for a credit clampdown on Third World debtors, which is in no one’s interest.

Documentation: Excerpts from speeches by, and interviews with, U.S. Treasury Secretary Regan, IMF Director de Larosière, President Reagan, French Finance Minister Delors, a Lazard Frères partner, Chase Manhattan’s Willard Butcher, and the chairman of the British Commonwealth.

World Trade

by Mark Sonnenblick

International Credit

by Renée Sigerson

Stock-market slide: a warning?

Currency Rates

Business Briefs

Special Report

A Return to Gold: World Deflation or Expanded Credit?

by David Goldman

The LaRouche Gold Proposal: Averting Economic Depression

From Robert Peel to J.P. Morgan: What Is a British-Style Gold Standard?

by Richard Freeman

The Zijlstra-Mundell Plan for BIS Credit Restriction

by Kathy Burdman

The Lehrman-Laffer Neo-Monetarist Plan

Wanniski: ‘A Specie Resumption Act’

by Kathy Burdman

Federal Reserve’s Disciplinary Plan


Khomeini’s ‘Final Solution’ Proceeds Throughout Iran

by Robert Dreyfuss

Mexico Chooses Its Next President

by Timothy Rush

Documentation: Statements by the Wall Street Journal and candidate De la Madrid.

Germans, Soviets, Japan Pursue Growth

by Rachel Douglas

German Labor Sees Environmentalists As New Nazi Menace

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Shimoda Conference: What Japan’s Leaders Say About Haig and Volcker

by Richard Katz

Documentation: A summary of the top-level proceedings.

Mitterrand’s Policy: An Inflationary Crunch

by Dana Sloan

International Intelligence


Covert Administration Support for Global 2000

by Barbara Dreyfuss

A report on the invitation-only conference sponsored by Sen. Charles Mathias and accorded a Reagan imprimatur by the attendance of eight senior Administration officials.

Volcker Issue Forced to a Vote in Senate

by Susan Kokinda

The Melcher resolution, debated and defeated.

Documentation: Statements on Federal Reserve policy from leading senators-including Banking Committee Chairman Jake Garn’s defense of the “independence” of the Fed-and the Teamsters’ letter of support for the Melcher amendment.

Rep. Gephardt Applauds the Federal Reserve

by Barbara Dreyfuss

An EIR interview with the congressman who helped keep the anti-Volcker Melcher resolution off the House floor.

Senator Williams Sues Abscammers

by Mary Jane Freeman

Extracts from the legal brief containing his conspiracy charges against the Justice Department and FBI.

National News