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Volume 9, Number 13, April 6, 1982

Cover of EIR Volume 9, Number 13, April 6, 1982

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by Dennis Small

Carlos Andrés Perez, former President of Venezuela.

Report from Bonn  

by George Gregory and Rainer Apel

Electoral setback for Schmidt.

Middle East Report  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Whither Israel?

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menéndez

Changes in the economic cabinet.

Energy Insider  

by William Engdahl

Volcker ends the drilling boom.

Congressional Closeup  

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda


Why give Mr. Volcker anything?


Crisis for West Germany by the End of 1982?  

by David Goldman

Economics Editor David Goldman reports from Wiesbaden on the pitfalls for exports and banking.

Robert McNamara Makes Population Reduction the Criterion for Economic Policy  

by Kathy Burdman

With special attention to Mexico, Africa, and the United States, and special applause for Paul Volcker.

Dollar Drop Will End Import Boom  

by Peter Rush

America’s shocking dependence on foreign capital goods and other manufactures could give way to an inability to buy them at all.

Foreign Exchange  

by David Goldman

The French franc and the EMS.

Corporate Strategy  

by Leif Johnson

Joining the Davignon Plan.

Trade Review  

by Mark Sonnenblick


by Susan Brady

The “user fee” caper, Part II.

Currency Rates  

Business Briefs  

Special Report

Sicilian Separatist Plot Aided by Libya and Peace Movement  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. on “Operation Nightmare,” a release circulated in summary throughout the Italian government by the Anipe press service.

What Col. Qaddafi Did in Austria  

by Paolo Raimondi

Socialist International Bruno Kreisky sponsored his emergence as a public godfather of the anti-war movement.

‘Operation Nightmare’ and Its Instigators Within Italy  

by Vivian Zoakos

And the acknowledgement by British intelligence circles that the plan is live.

Euro-Leadership Invades U.S. Cities  

by Lonnie Wolfe

“Peace” spokesmen on tour.


A Call For Creating the Club of Life  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Colombia: The Real Winners in the March Elections  

by Cynthia Rush

An in-depth report on Colombia by Cynthia Rush, who has just returned from Bogotá.

The Arab Thought Forum  

by Mark Burdman

A new creation of the Club of Rome.

Japan’s Foreign Policy at the Crossroads  

by Daniel Sneider

Daniel Sneider reports on his discussions with senior statesmen in Tokyo.

Will Haig and Volcker Force Tokyo into an Independent Approach?  

by Daniel Sneider

Background on Japan’s recognition that it can no longer automatically defer to Washington’s definition of its international role.

International Intelligence  


Behind the Pressure for a ‘Budget Compromise’  

by Richard Cohen

The Bank for International Settlements’ goal is to undercut both the White House and Congress as national leaders in a crisis.

Infrastructure Investment: The Key to U.S. Productivity  

by Steven Bardwell

An examination of past decades’ proof that—as though the economy were a single large factory—infrastructure is decisive in determining the acceleration or disintegration of production.

The LaRouche Model Charts a Path for Industrial Growth  

by Sylvia Barkley

The LaRouche-Riemann econometric projection of what would happen if the United States returned to large-scale infrastructure investment.

NAWAPA Could Revive the Economy  

by Sylvia Barkley

The scope of employment and production made feasible by the North American Water and Power Alliance proposal.

National News  

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