Volume 9, Number 33, August 31, 1982



Shigeo Nagano, President of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

by Peter Ennis

He insists that Japan must seek peace and growth for the LDCs.

Hilarión Cardozo, Venezuelan Ambassador to the OAS

by Dennis Small

Cardozo calls for emergency action to reach Ibero-American unity around a program of debt reorganization and economic development.

Mordechai Virshubsky, an Israeli Knesset member

by Mark Burdman

A review of Defense Minister Arid Sharon’s disastrous policy record and a call for the Prime Minister to oust him.


China Watch

by Gregory F. Buhyoff

Washington bows lower.

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

“What’s bad for them is good for us.”

Middle East Report

by Judith Wyer

Calm before the storm.


Dr. K., France, and anti-Semitic terror.


The Mexico Debt Crisis and the International Monetary Fund

by David Goldman

Currency Rates

Japanese Analyst at Daiwa Calls for an LDC Debt Moratorium

by Laurent Murawiec

The debt cannot be paid. Instead of feckless rollovers, on loans with outrageous interest rates, credits should help create North- South economic growth, writes Tadashi Nakamae, chief of Daiwa Securities’ European branch. An EIR exclusive.

Britain’s Economic Warfare Experts Aim To Cut the U.S. Off from Mideast Oil

by Judith Wyer

The West German Showdown Over AEG: Bankruptcy versus Nationalization

by Renée Sigerson

Behind the Crisis in Canadian Banking

by Richard Freeman

Domestic Credit

by Richard Freeman

What drop in interest rates?


by Kathy Burdman

Colombian scandal unfolds.


by Cynthia Parsons

Organic farming: a pile of manure.

Trade Review

by Mark Sonnenblick

Business Briefs

Special Report

Japan’s Dilemma: Can the U.S. Strategic Decline Be Reversed?

by Peter Ennis

An introduction to Peter Ennis’s two articles and to our interview with senior Japanese business leader Shigeo Nogano.

How Tokyo Is Evaluating Its Relationship With Washington

by Peter Ennis

Watching the conflagration across the Pacific.

The Ruling Party Factions Line Up For an Autumn Political Crisis

by Peter Ennis

A battle over “administrative reform.” i.e., fiscal cutbacks, is one aspect of the division within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party between development partisans and Japan’s Club of Rome sympathizers.


Kissinger-Run Coup Threat Against Mexican Republic

by Robyn Quijano and Timothy Rush

The domestic IMF partisans are at the front end of the open threat to the institutions of the presidency and labor.

Venezuela Pushes for New Continental Order

by Gretchen Small

This article follows EIR’s interview with OAS Ambassador Hilarión Cardozo.

A Breathing Spell for Colombian Politics

by Cynthia Rush

A Dialogue on Future Israeli Policy: LaRouche, Begin, and Prof. Adelson

by Criton Zoakos

Documentation: An interview with Mordechai Virshubsky, a parliamentarian from the Shinui Party, and excerpts from Prof. Howard Adelson’s attack on LaRouche and former Chief of Staff Mordechai Gur in the Aug. 13 Jerusalem Post.

Who is Pehr Gyllenhammar, and What Are the Aspen-Skandia Networks?

by William Engdahl

The “Nordic” friends of Robert McNamara, Henry Kissinger, and Lord Carrington.

An Anti-Narcotics Effort Spoils the Rolling Stones’ European Party

by Muriel Mirak

International Intelligence


President Reagan Is Being Lied To

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

EIR founder Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.’s commentary on the horrifying Hooverization of the White House, which can only be explained by evil counsel there.

Kissinger and Shultz Exploit Ronald Reagan’s Delusions

by Lonnie Wolfe

The new Secretary of State, who in August publicly announced his alliance with the man Reagan campaigned against, is a large part of the problem.

General Graham’s High Frontier Proposal Could Advance U.S. Military Strategy

by Charles B. Stevens

High Frontier: A New National Strategy by Gen. Daniel Graham. The pros and cons of his approach to antiballistic-missile defense.

Labor in Focus

by Lonnie Wolfe

Irving Brown moves upstairs.

Eye on Washington

by Freyda Greenberg

Congressional Closeup

by Ronald Kokinda and Susan Kokinda

National News