Volume 9, Number 34, September 7, 1982



Larry Williams, Republican opponent of Sen. John Melcher in the November senatorial election in Montana

He’s against high interest rates, but also opposes government action to ensure industrial growth.

Philip E. Culbertson, Associate Deputy Administrator of NASA

by Marsha Freeman

The number-three man at the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration explains why a manned space program is essential for the United States, technologically and philosophically.


Inside Canada

by Pierre Beaudry

Canada to become terrorist haven?

Middle East Report

by Mark Burdman

British “Penetration” in the Gulf.

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

The economic crisis and the border.


What kind of democrat is Pat Moynihan?


The Fed’s Inflationary Eurodollar Bailout

by David Goldman

The U.S. central bank is trying to paper over the debt emergency while insisting on IMF austerity for debtors. A major bank failure could blow the first effort sky high. The debtors needn’t sit still for the second effort.

Currency Rates

Socialists’ Austerity Won’t Rescue France

by Dana Sloan

Ibero-America Begins To Discuss Unified Defense Against the IMF

by Dennis Small and Cynthia Rush

As the IMF tries to avert debt renegotiation except on a case-by-case basis.

LaRouche’s Proposal for a Continental Common Market

Kissinger Descends on Three Key Nations

by Dennis Small

Mexico, Argentina, and Panama.

Documentation: Ibero-American press commentary on Kissinger and the debt question.

West Germany: Will the Ruhr Region Be De-Industrialized?

by Renée Sigerson

Bonn is trying to back out of modernizing the linchpin Hoesch steel installation.


by Kathy Burdman

Where are the weak links?

World Trade

by Leif Johnson

Turning industrialists into militarists.

Trade Review

by Mark Sonnenblick

Business Briefs

Special Report

Averell Harriman and Nazi Policies in the U.S. Today

by Christina Nelson Huth

The Harrimans’ Eugenics: At the Root of Global 2000

by Robert Zubrin

A lengthy dossier on the family’s promotion of “race science” in the United States and among the Nazis.

Documentation: The Harriman role in keeping Jews persecuted by Hitler from finding refuge in the U.S.; how the Harrimans fought against improved nutrition and medical care for the poor; excerpts from the Harriman’s Eugenical News publication endorsing the Nazis; and an account of the 1935 eugenics conference.

How Harriman Helped Hitler Exterminate Jews

Suppressing Pellagra Cure Killed Millions in U.S.

The Origins of the Fraudulent IQ Test

Averell and Pamela Harriman’s Grip on American Policy-Making in the 1980s

by Robert Zubrin

The depopulation-lobby networks today.


Sharon, Assad, and Kissinger Plan the Next Lebanon War

by Judith Wyer and Nancy Coker

A prelude, to partition. Exposing Rifaat Assad’s trip to Washington.

Kissinger Makes a Drug Deal over the Corpse of the Lebanese Nation

by Judith Wyer

What partition implies for the narcotics traffic.

The Assad Mafia and the Middle East Crisis

by Thierry Lalevée

The “Shoemaker ring” has a lot to do with Lebanon’s ordeal.

The Reactivation of Henry Kissinger’s Black September Terror Networks

by Jeanne Bell

A report on the terrorist outbreak worldwide.

The Case of Abu Nidal: How the Nazi International Controls Terrorism

by Thierry Lalevée

“Palestinian terror” is not a locally originated phenomenon.

Spain’s Government in Jeopardy

by Richard Schulman

An update on the threat to the constitutional monarchy from the Socialists and the ultra-right.

International Intelligence


George Shultz: A Profile in Economic Sabotage

by Richard Cohen

Part I of our review of a career spent with Henry Kissinger, delivering one-two punches to the U.S. economy and U.S. monetary role, as prescribed by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Democratic candidate: ‘Rebuild Baltimore’

by Mary McCourt

Debra Freeman, backed by the National Democratic Policy Committee in her race against Barbara Mikulski for the 3rd Congressional District Democratic nomination, discusses the city’s great industrial past and potential future.

Volcker Opponent Melcher Faces ‘Supply-Side’ Advocate in Senate Race

by Susan Kokinda

Sen. John Melcher of Montana is one of the few legislators who has taken actions against high interest rates, and moved to restore parity for farmers.

How Soap Opera Was Designed To Undercut America’s Morality

by Christina Nelson Huth

Since the 1930s, psychological warfare specialists determined to undercut the U.S. outward orientation to science and progress have developed this nasty little tool, which now occupies more than half of TV programming time. The “role models” and world-outlook of the soaps are analyzed here.

National News