Volume 9, Number 36, September 21, 1982



Aly Mohamed Negm, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Egypt and Vice-Chairman, Group of 24

The debt burden must be overcome.

Dr. Maritza Izaguirre Porras, Venezuelan Planning Minister

by Kathy Burdman

Mexico will receive material support from other Ibero-American nations.

Patrick O’Reilly, Democratic candidate for the U.S. Congress in Minnesota

by Mary McCourt

The havoc wrought among farmers by the Federal Reserve.

Gene Knorr, Republican Candidate for the U.S. Congress in North Dakota

by Freyda Greenberg

Trained by George Shultz, Paul Volcker, and Charls Walker, he is willing to let industry go by the wayside.


Africa Report

by Douglas DeGroot and Mary Brannan

Kissinger’s safari.

Middle East Report

by Judith Wyer

An oil war for the Gulf?


LaRouche for President in 1985.


Mexico’s Battle Dominates the IMF Conference

by David Goldman and Renée Sigerson

At the Toronto annual conference of the IMF and World Bank, developing-sector spokesmen accurately stated that their debt is unpayable under current arrangements. Mexico’s banking nationalization showed a path toward growth. The IMF, in Toronto and afterward, threw down the gauntlet of a credit cutoff threat.

Don Regan’s Insane Posture in Toronto

by Kathy Burdman

‘Mexico Model’ Could Rally the Continent

by Cynthia Rush

Developments in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela are accelerating.

Documentation: Excerpts from a speech by Venezuelan President Herrera Campins and an interview with the Venezuelan Planning Minister.

Out Of the Chaos: Rise of a New Fascism?

by David Goldman

Currency Rates

High-Technology Farm Methods Are Simply Waiting To Be Used

by Cynthia Parsons

What the Federal Reserve and IMF have shelved.

Trade Review

by Mark Sonnenblick

Business Briefs

Special Report

Reopening the Kissinger File

Motives for the crimes which evidence points to Henry Kissinger having committed are: opposition to a New World Economic Order, and a drive to impose supranational NATO control on a West deliberately thrown into decline.

The Case Against Kissinger for the Murder of Aldo Moro

by Fiorella Operto

The legal brief submitted in Italy this summer itemizing the evidence in question.

Two Key Witnesses Have Disappeared

The Anglo-Soviet Circles that Created Kissinger

by Scott Thompson

British intelligence controls the epicene Kissinger and his counterparts in the U.S.S.R.

The Kissinger Associates Firm: A New Vehicle for British Influence

by Scott Thompson

Personnel and modus operandi.


Mexico Declares War on Volcker Economics

by Timothy Rush

The national mobilization has beaten back the immediate domestic counteroffensive against the government’s drive to restore national sovereignty and industrial growth.

Documentation: Statements from the ruling PRI party, from U.S. spokesmen, from Mexican businessmen who support the banking nationalization, and from labor; and a “fact sheet” on the September measures.

A Profile of Mexico’s Nationalized Banks

by Elsa Ennis

Washington’s Mideast Plan Has Begun To Backfire

by Judith Wyer and Thierry Lalevée

As the Begin government in Israel moves into a “breakaway ally” mode, the Arabs are drawn into a phony bargaining process.

Mubarak Could Slam Financial ‘Open Door’

by Judith Wyer

Or cave in to IMF pressure to end food subsidies, guaranteeing destabilization of the linchpin U.S. ally in the region.

Insurgency and Economic Slowdown: Will the U.S. Help Rescue the Philippines?

by Ramtanu Maitra

A briefing on the issues surrounding President Marcos’s visit to Washington, D.C.

Italy’s Slain Anti-Terrorist Chief Was Investigating Mafia Funders

by Vivian Zoakos

International Intelligence


Are Connally, Kissinger and Shultz—or You—Entirely Responsible for the Second ‘Herbert Hoover’ Depression?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An assessment of the depth of global economic and political dangers, and a challenge, from EIR founder Lyndon LaRouche.

Rep. Quentin Burdick Challenged by Republican Associate of Paul Volcker

by Susan Kokinda

The Democratic incumbent in this North Dakota race has opposed the Fed’s policies, though not as hard as he might have. His opponent is running as a “down-home boy” but says government spending, not Paul Volcker, is the problem. That view is shaped not only by his former Treasury employment alongside Volcker, but also by his Friedmanite ideology.

Documentation: Excerpts from an interview with Gene Knorr, Burdick’s GOP opponent.

National News