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Volume 9, Number 39, October 12, 1982

Cover of EIR Volume 9, Number 39, October 12, 1982

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Sheila Jones, Anti-Drug Party Candidate for Congress in Illinois  

by Mary McCourt

Citing incumbent Democrat Sidney Yates’s anti-growth record, she describes the role of classical music in her campaign, and the way the University of Chicago circles have tried to destroy culture in Chicago.


Middle East Report  

by Thierry Lalevée

Saddam Hussein’s folly.

Africa Report  

by Douglas DeGroot

Nigeria’s constitution targeted.

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menéndez

A De la Madrid card?


Pakistan: what kind of ally?


Five Million Layoffs in the U.S. By Spring?  

by David Goldman

The collapse is spreading into the service sector as well.

BIS Presses Its Farcical Debt-Reorganization Plans  

by Kathy Burdman

The latest versions of a “rollover” scenario.

U.S. Nuclear Exports: The Potential Demand  

by Steven Bardwell

If the proper scale of new infrastructure was under way globally, the power needed would be enormous.

Standardization of Power-Plant Output Required To Meet the World’s Needs  

by Jon Gilbertson

Nuclear engineer John Gilbertson on how to do it.

Malthusians Move To End Nuclear Sales  

by Paul Gallagher

A report on the U. S. Congress.

Currency Rates  

Soviet Allies Plan Integration Drive  

by Rachel Douglas

International Credit  

by Renée Sigerson

IMF goes for the kill in Bangladesh.

Trade Review  

by Mark Sonnenblick

Business Briefs  

Special Report

Milton Friedman: The World’s Worst Economist  

by David Goldman

Friedman, von Hayek, and Adolf Hitler  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

If fascism ever comes to the United States, writes EIR founder Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., it will be through the Friedmanites.

The Friedman Grip on U.S. Policymaking  

by Freyda Greenberg

How ‘Chicago Boys’ Wrecked Chile  

by Mark Sonnenblick

Friedmanite de Hoz Is Placed on Trial  

by Cynthia Rush

‘Hitler lives,’ Says Argentine Monthly  

Busquéda’s Commentary on the Chicago School.


Mexico, Brazil Demand New Financial Order  

by Elsa Ennis

Our exclusive report on the UN General Assembly opening.

Documentation: Excerpts from statements by the Presidents of Mexico and Brazil, and the Foreign Ministers of Venezuela and Peru.

Gandhi and Brezhnev Hold Strategic Talks  

by Paul Zykofsky

Club of Rome Ran the Beirut Massacre  

by Thierry Lalevée

Begin Scrambles To Hang onto Power  

by Nancy Coker

Ungovernability in Bonn To Open the Way for a Strauss Coup?  

by Rainer Apel

West Germany after Schmidt.

Genscher Behind Attempt To Murder LaRouche?  

World capitals and intelligence services were galvanized by this report.

International Intelligence  


The Collapse of the ‘Reagan Revolution’  

by Richard Cohen

The November results will confirm the bankruptcy of Administration economic policy: what Bush, Kennedy, O’Neill, Kemp, and the President are doing in that expectation.

How NDPCers Cracked the Harriman Machine  

by Mary McCourt

A report on the Sept. 23 New York Democratic primary elections.

A campaign To rescue Chicago’s Greatness and Reverse the Depression  

EIR’s interview with candidate Sheila Jones.

Georgetown and the ‘Economics of Pain’  

by Stanley Ezrol

Part II of an account of the Quadrangle Series conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies last month.

The Brainwashing Elements in Film and How They Are Used  

by Michael J. Minnicino

Part II of our series on motion pictures and the fine art of mind control.

Congressional Closeup  

by Ronald Kokinda and Susan Kokinda

National News  

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