Volume 9, Number 49, December 21, 1982



Begum Nusrat Bhutto

by Daniel Sneider and Mary Lalevée

The leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, finally permitted by the dictatorship to receive medical treatment in West Germany, exposes Zia ul-Haq’s complicity in the 1980 attack on the U.S. Embassy, and his current toleration of armed fundamentalist conspirators.


Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

Labor at a watershed.

Middle East Report

by Judith Wyer

A new “Haddadland” in Lebanon?

Congressional Closeup

by Ronald Kokinda and Susan Kokinda


We were right.


Has the Group of Five Given the Dollar a Death Sentence?

by David Goldman

Beyond the shadow-boxing which has failed to produce a Group of 10 bailout for Third World creditors is the potential dollar collapse that would blow the whole game sky-high.

Turning Point in De-Industrialization: The West German Steel Shutdown

by George Gregory

George Gregory reports that the pace of contraction outdistances even the “planned shrinkage” blueprints of the European Community’s Count Davignon.

India and Bangladesh Finally Reach Accord Promoting Economic Development

by Paul Zykofsky

Expanding water supplies is an important feature.

How Benjamin Franklin Organized American Industrial Growth

by Donald Phau

The first part of a study of the period when the proper role of government in nation-building was understood.

Corporate Strategy

by Peter Rush

Hong Kong real estate over the edge.

Currency Rates

Trade Review

by Mark Sonnenblick

Business Briefs

Special Report

Italy Busts East-West Command Center for Guns, Drugs, and Terror

by Jeffrey Steinberg

From Azerbaijan Region to New York: How the Mideast Drug Crop Is Moved

by Marilyn James

Documentation: A map of the routes.

The Illicit Global Weapons Traffic Has a Turkey-Bulgaria Axis Point

by Nancy Coker

Italy’s Magistracy Begins To Unmask the International ‘Magician’ Conspiracy

by Vivian Zoakos


South Americans to Reagan: ‘Development, or Debt Bomb’

by Gretchen Small

What really occurred on the President’s trip to Brazil, Colombia, and Central America.

Documentation: Excerpts from speeches by Mr. Reagan, President Figueiredo, and President Betancur.

Ibero-Americans Launch Mass Strikes Against the International Monetary Fund

by Cynthia Rush

Labor actions in Argentina, Colombia, and elsewhere.

Bhutto Supporters ‘Flog’ Zia in U.S.

by Susan Brady

The dictator ran into unexpected trouble.

Europe-Wide Drive for Nuclear Energy

by William Engdahl

A report on the founding conference of the Committee for Nuclear Energy in Strasbourg.

Anti-Science Faction Rears Head in Moscow

by Rachel Douglas

Displayed by Literaturnaya Gazeta.

U.S. Consul in Mexico Linked to Deployment of Would-Be Assassins

by Hector Apolinar

And to promotion of the neo-fascist PAN party.

International Intelligence


Beam-weapon Initiative Is Changing U.S. Politics

by Susan Kokinda

While “nuclear freeze” advocates flounder, a new mass movement for high-technology defense and economic recovery has started to emerge.

Lane Kirkland, DOS Try To Sabotage LaRouche

by Lonnie Wolfe

The EIR founder, who proposed the creation of that mass movement, is the target of special operations by the “State Department Socialists” and their AFL-CIO extensions.

The New York Times Is Not Really a Newspaper

by Richard Freeman

Part II of Richard Freeman’s exposé further anatomizes the Ochs and Sulzberger families.

The Case Against D.A. Robert Morgenthau

Excerpts from affidavits documenting the Manhattan prosecutor’s effort, in collusion with the New York Timesd, to run a political witch-hunt.

The Chicago Tunnel and Reservoir Project: Infrastructure To Restore City’s Greatness

by John H. Brown, Jr.

National News