Volume 9, Number 50, December 28, 1982



Leonaldo Montiel Ortega

by Dennis Small

The Director of Technical Economic Studies of the Universidad de Santa Maria of Caracas, who advises the Venezuelan Federation of Labor, on the aftermath of the Malvinas war and the need for Ibero-America to seek collective economic policies.


Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

How long will Reyes Heroles last?

Congressional Closeup

by Ronald Kokinda and Susan Kokinda


A sense of urgency.


Brazilian Debt Crisis Rattles Credit Markets

by Timothy Rush and Dennis Small

This month two near-bankruptcies of Brazil nearly started a chain reaction. Brazil has now signed an accord with the International Monetary Fund—which will solve nothing.

Mexico’s Economic ‘Balancing Act’

by Elsa Ennis

Currency Rates

German Industry Looks To Makework Plans as Export Markets Collapse

by George Gregory

Last week, George Gregory reported on the Federal Republic’s disastrous steel policies; this is the rest of the picture.

Swedish Business Embraces Olof Palme’s Schachtian policy for Trade and Labor

by Leif Johnson

Discussions with policymakers in Stockholm and Göteborg.

Price-Support Deal a First Step in the Total Deregulation of U.S. Dairy Output

by Cynthia Parsons

How Benjamin Franklin Organized American Industrial Growth

by Donald Phau

The second and final installment of Donald Phau’s article.

Armand Hammer’s East-West Coal Flurry

by Renée Sigerson

Corporate Strategy

by Renée Sigerson

The dirty takeover of Texas GRE.

Trade Review

by Mark Sonnenblick

Business Briefs

Special Report

Beam-Weapon Program: Boost to Productivity

by Steven Bardwell

Presaging “The Plasma Age.”

A ‘Great Enterprise’ in NASA’s Tradition

by Marsha Freeman

New technologies within immediate reach.

Artificial Heart Shows Breakthrough Potential

A case study.

How Beam Weapons Would Spur Recovery

by Sylvia Brewda

LaRouche-Riemann econometric projections.

Documentation: Sixteen computer graphics.


The Peace Movement, the KGB, and the Anglo-Italian Axis

by Umberto Pascali and Bonnie Mesaros

British pundits often claim the U.S.S.R. runs the disarmament movement. What they don’t say is that the animal in question is an East bloc faction deeply intertwined with British-supervised international terrorism. Here we present new material on “the Bulgarian connection.”

Deng Xiaoping Reaches an Unstable Truce with the Army-Industry Faction

by Richard Katz

Involving partial efforts to rebuild heavy-industrial sectors.

Indonesia Emerges from the Shadows: A First-Hand Report

by Daniel Sneider

Profile of a nation with great political and economic potential.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Scientific Genius Is Rescued from Windsor Castle

by Nora Hamerman

A conference in Milan this month challenged the British Royal Family’s control over da Vinci archives, and drew a ferocious attack from Italy’s Socialist Party.

International Intelligence


Manhattan’s D.A. Morgenthau Covered Up the Drug and Terror Ties of American Bank & Trust

by David Goldman and Kathy Burdman

Names, dates, places, and cui bono questions on a far bigger affair than the Banco Ambrosiano scandal which it intersects. This is the same Robert Morgenthau who is attempting an inquisition against LaRouche and his associates.

Post-Kennedy Fight in the Democratic Party

by Richard Cohen

Who’s backing whom: John Glenn, Walter Mondale, and EIR founder LaRouche take the lead as probable contenders for the Presidential nomination.

‘Hot spots’ Multiply on Zia’s American Tour

by Susan Brady

In San Francisco, official participation in welcoming festivities for the Pakistani dictator was curtailed. In Quebec, the opposition to Zia got more drastic results.

National News