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Volume 10, Number 5, February 8, 1983

Cover of EIR Volume 10, Number 5, February 8, 1983

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Göran Ohlin  

by Laurent Murawiec

Secretary of the Brandt Commission

Peter Scott  

by Laurent Murawiec

Vice-President, World Wildlife Fund.

Charles de Haes  

by Laurent Murawiec

Director-General, World Wildlife Fund.

Mike Cockerell  

by Laurent Murawiec

Conservation for Development Center.

Eleonora Masini  

by Laurent Murawiec

Founder of the Club of Rome’s Forum Humanum.

Antonio Blanca  

France’s Special Ambassador to Latin America.


Science & Technology  

by Marsha Freeman

Space Shuttle finds a new Yukon in Mexico.

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menéndez

Reyes Heroles challenges Interior.


A way out of the Pershing bind.


World Oil Prices and the Spring Collapse  

by David Goldman

Twenty dollars or less per barrel would not be a boon to the consumer nations: the price-bashing is part of the deflationary prelude to a crisis intended to force the United States to accept IMF dominion over the economies of the West.

Currency Rates  

Chile’s Economic Disaster Sets the Record Straight on Friedmanism  

by Mark Sonnenblick

The current wave of bankruptcies, how the policies of the Chicago Boys brought them about.

The Present and Future Reliability of the LaRouche-Riemann Model’s U.S. Forecasts  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Issued quarterly, those forecasts have proven the world’s most accurate. The initiator of the econometric model explains here its next stage of development, the difference between forecasting and predicting, and the ways policymakers can use the model.

Documentation: A table comparing EIR’s LaRouche-Riemann forecasts with those of competitors and with the actual industrial output results.

Trade Review  

by Mark Sonnenblick

Business Briefs  

Special Report

The Non-Aligned’s Choice: Debtors’ Cartel or IMF Dictatorship  

by Daniel Sneider

A ‘New Bretton Woods’ Is Not in the Interests of the Non-Aligned  

by Renée Sigerson

Countdown to the Non-Aligned Summit: Colombia’s President Betancur Under Attack  

by Valerie Rush

Along with President Sites Zuazo of Bolivia.

Smear Campaign Aimed at India’s Indira Gandhi  

by Susan Brady

African Destabilization Focused Against Nigeria  

by Douglas DeGroot

The Origins of the Non-Aligned movement in the American Independence Tradition  

by Daniel Sneider

A history of the early years, when Cold War and tack of aid and credit made political independence insufficient for national growth.


German Social Democrats Merge with the Greens  

by Rainer Apel

As the March 6 elections approach, the Social Democratic Party has locked itself into a program outdistancing the Green Party’s in de-industrialization, and pushing for the most dangerous kind of “arms control.”

Documentation: A summary of the program and an excerpt from French President Mitterrand’s Jan. 12 warning to the Bundestag.

Spain, France Reach Out to Third World  

by Robyn Quijano

The Anglo-American press has ignored their remarkable new overtures toward a partnership with Ibero-America for industrial development.

Washington’s Arab Allies Start To Play Soviet Card  

by Judith Wyer

Documentation: Excerpts from the semi-official Saudi Arabian newspaper Ukaz.

Japanese Leaders, Asian Governments Blast Nakasone Military Strategy  

by Richard Katz

If he manages to stay in power, domestic pressure is likely to prevent the Prime Minister from carrying out the expanded regional role he promised Washington.

What Henry Kissinger Fears in Bolivia  

by Christian Curtis

International Intelligence  


The Shultz Faction and the Perilous State of the Union  

by Nora Hamerman

What’s behind Mr. Reagan’s Jan. 26 enunciation of approval for “post-industrialism” and IMF ascendancy.

Dr. Edward Teller Explains the Need for Antiballistic-Missile Defense  

Excerpts from his speech on Jan. 18.

How the Liberal New York Times Promoted ‘Nordic Supremacy’  

by Robert Zubrin

Part III of our exposé of the Times.

LaRouche Hat Not Yet in the Ring  

The EIR founder and former Democratic Presidential candidate is quoted as announcing that he will concentrate at this time of crisis on bipartisan economic policy initiatives, rather than a Presidential bid. Otherwise, he says, there may not be any 1984 elections.

National News  

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