Volume 10, Number 11, March 22, 1983



Ernesto Vallerani

by Giuseppe Filliponi

The director of Aeritalia’s aerospace division describes how Spacelab and related ventures could be used to enhance the productivity of business and agriculture.


Report from Italy

by Marco Fanini

Bulgarian connection leads to London.

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

Labor’s revolt against the IMF.


The downfall of the recovery myth.


U.S. Interest Rates and the Ides of March

by David Goldman

Quarrels between British financial strategists and their Swiss counterparts over how to handle the impending financial crisis; American banks have voiced no independent options.

The LaRouche Proposal for Gold-Based Credit

The document George Shultz and Donald Regan are trying to keep in the White House’s most remote files.

Yugoslavia To Be Put Under IMF Policies Again?

by Luba George

British Foreign Office: ‘Time To Squeeze Poland’

by Luba George

Slow Growth Troubles the Indian Economy

by Paul Zykofsky and Ramtanu Maitra

Foreign-exchange problems and industrial bottlenecks.


by Cynthia Parsons

Business Briefs

Special Report

How the Fondi Created the U.S. Budget Disaster

by Criton Zoakos

The U.S. investment bankers who profit from the vast deficit are at the bottom of a ladder leading to the Anglo-European aristocrats against whom Americans fought the Revolutionary War.

Why Reagan Cannot Balance the Budget

by Richard Freeman

The shrinkage of tax revenues caused by the “post-industrial” growth of unproductive economic activity, is analyzed for the 1945-83 period. A fiscal surplus and tax cuts could, however, quickly be achieved.


Battle over the IMF Erupts at Non-Aligned Summit

by Peter Ennis

‘American System’ Solution to Poverty Proposed by Pope John Paul II

by Valerie Rush

West German Electoral Outcome Means Greater Instability Ahead

by Rainer Apel

Greens in the German Parliament

Germany: The Industrial Slump Starts to Accelerate

by George Gregory

France Casts Ballots Against Zero Growth

by Dana Sloan

The Tug of War for Mitterrand’s Mind

by Laurent Murawiec

Italian Communists Surrender to the Venetian Oligarchy

by Marco Fanini

Documentation: The European Labor Party’s Open Letter to the party’s 16th congress in Milan.

The Strange Case of the Men of the Trees and the Battle To Stop ABM Defenses

by C.L. Magister

Storm Clouds over Bangladesh

by Ramtanu Maitra

International Intelligence


World Federalists Direct the Nuclear Freeze in Congress

by D. Stephen Pepper

Freeze advocates abruptly focused their efforts in March not simply on passing a “nuclear freeze” resolution in Congress, which a World Federalist official was caught coaching, but on freezing the option of an advanced-technology defense against nuclear-armed intercontinental missiles. The National Democratic Policy Committee is challenging the claim that “peace” is an antonym of nuclear technologies.

Four Years of Sabotage of U.S. Beam Weapons

by Robert Gallagher

Harold Brown, Jimmy Carter’s defense secretary, comes from the California “military-industrial” complex, and represents its “mole” component.

The AFL-CIO Leadership Rams Through George Shultz’s Program

by Lonnie Wolfe

Defense cuts and enhanced power for the International Monetary Fund.

National News