Volume 10, Number 13, April 5, 1983



Carlo De Benedetti

by David Goldman and Bonnie Mesaros

The managing director of Olivetti is asked what sort of deal he made with Italy’s Communist Party.

Luis Valencia Rodríguez

by Carlos Cota Meza

The Foreign Minister of Ecuador discusses his President’s proposal for a debtors’ negotiating alliance.

Carlos Alzamora

The Permanent Secretary of the Latin American Economic System (SELA in Spanish) voices his objections to IMF policies.

Ghazali Shafie

by Peter Ennis and Paul Zykofsky

The Foreign Minister of Malaysia talks about ASEAN, Indochina, and Peking.

Nguyen Co Thach

by Peter Ennis and Paul Zykofsky

The Foreign Minister of Vietnam explains his country’s stand on the Kampuchea issue and his view of the Non-Aligned conference.


Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

The new U.S. economic diplomacy.

Middle East Report

by Thierry Lalevée

Countdown for the Maghreb.


The rebirth of technological optimism.


The Debt Crisis Spreads to Western Europe

by David Goldman

Currency upheavals are only one symptom.

The Options for France: Third World Alliance or an IMF Receivership

by Laurent Murawiec

The OECD as a whole will be affected by the choice.

Japan To Propose Global ‘Great Plans’?

by Daniel Sneider

The “Global Infrastructure Plan” of the Mitsubishi Research Institute’s Masaki Nakajima may be presented at the May economic summit in Williamsburg.

Housing, Auto, Consumer Sales: Statistics Reveal No U.S. Recovery

by Leif Johnson

And the producer-goods sectors continue their downward slide.

Currency Rates

Domestic Credit

by Richard Freeman

Interest rates: up, up and away.

Business Briefs

Special Report

West Germany’s Green Party: Brownshirts Seated in Parliament

by Mark Burdman and Paolo Vitali

How the Nazi International and the depopulation strategists created the Green “ecologists.”

The Nazi Roots of the Green Party

by Rainer Apel

“Osmosis” between left and right, around zero-growth.

The Greens’ Program: Back to the Stone Age

by Charlotte Vollrads

The ‘Ecologist’ Outlook in Adolf Hitler’s Words

by Susan Welsh

Henning Eichberg: ‘I Am a Universal Fascist’

by Herbert Quinde

Case study of a Green coordinator.

Violence and Support for Terror: The Record


Ibero-America Left with No Choice but Debt Bomb

by Robyn Quijano

If coups and economic devastation are to be averted. Ecuador has found the courage to propose a unified strategy by the continent’s debtors to restore stability and launch development.

The Mexico-IMF Deal: A Damage Report

by Elsa Ennis

Agriculture and public health are beginning to be jeopardized.

Colombia Receives a Visit from the IMF

by Valerie Rush

The “Mexico treatment,” a devaluation scare, and capital outflow, pave the way.

International Intelligence


‘Mutually Assured Survival’ Becomes National Strategy

by Graham Lowry

An evaluation of President Reagan’s historic March 23 announcement that antiballistic-missile defense will replace MAD.

Documentation: Excerpts from the Presidential address, and from EIR founder Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.’s statement in praise of the policy.

Military and Economic Breakthroughs: What Beam Weaponry Will Accomplish

by Steven Bardwell

A brief summary adapted from a comprehensive technical EIR Special Report by plasma physicist Steven Bardwell.

The Reagangate Plot: Are the Dominos Set To Fall?

by Scott Thompson

High-technology advocate Thomas Reed is not the only victim selected by the Justice Department-centered hit team.

How Ruckelshaus Plans To Undercut U.S. Industrial Corporations

by Lonnie Wolfe

Documentation: Ruckelshaus Ban on DDT: The Giant Toll (exceprts from Dr. J. Gordon Edwards’ speech to the Club of Life conference in Los Angeles, Feb. 18).

Part II: The Anatomy of a Corporate Murder

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Judicial robbery against Shearn Moody, Jr. and his insurance empire.

National News