Volume 10, Number 25, June 28, 1983



Ramiro Saraiva Guerreiro

by Edith Vitali and Hartmut Cramer

The Foreign Minister of Brazil.

José Augusto Bermeo

The Minister of Industry, Trade, and Integration of Ecuador.

Dr. Rodrigo Lioreda Caicedo

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

Moustapha El Saeed

The Minister for Economy and Foreign Trade of Egypt.

Gen. Emilio Conde Ceñel

Chief of Staff of the Air Force of Spain.

Felix Alonso

Spanish naval shipbuilder.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Part III: Genscher, Reagan’s adversary.

Andean Report

by Valerie Rush

Miami financial scandal hits Colombia.

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

The ghost of 1968.

Kissinger Watch

by Mark Burdman

Will the real Henry please stand up?

Congressional Closeup

by Ronald Kokinda and Susan Kokinda


Batyushka combats the heretics.


The Debt Crisis and the Swiss Calculations

by David Goldman

The British authorities and the U.S. private banks are beginning to mistrust the gnomes of Basel, without having prepared their own response to the new emergency.

Currency Rates

The Summer Agenda for ‘Operation Juárez’

by Gretchen Small

Brazil’s political leaders openly rebuff the IMF. Concrete points of continental unity are being worked out in the capitals of Ibero-America.

Momentum Toward Debt Cartel at UNCTAD

Poland Proposes Debt Freeze, New Credits

by Rachel Douglas

And Romania supports this direction.

‘Should Not the Third World Act On Its Own?’

Excerpts from a lecture by Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at the UNCTAD VI conference in Belgrade June 8.

International Credit

by Renée Sigerson

The shrinking OPEC surplus.

Domestic Credit

by Richard Freeman

Paying Peter to pay Paul.

Business Briefs

Special Report

Why Menexenus Spells Trouble for Andropov

by Criton Zoakos

The solution to longstanding questions about a little-known dialogue of Plato’s involves Alexander the Great’s victories for Western civilization against Oriental despotism and the overconfident oligarchs who thought their control of the population’s minds was invulnerable.


The ‘1938 Churchill Switch’ in Great Britain’s Strategy

by Mark Burdman

Certain policy makers there have begun to rethink the notion that the U.S.S.R. is a pliable instrument for their own plans, as they had to reject the Cliveden Set’s support for the Nazis.

The New Byzantium for the Middle East: Key to Intrigues over Lebanon

by Allen Douglas

A handful of Greek Orthodox families oversee political arrangements and contraband traffic in the region.

The Mitteleuropa Delusion that Is Sweeping West Germany

by Rainer Apel

The 19th-century ideologues who launched the banner of the “Third Reich” before Hitler have their heirs in West Germany, especially the Lutheran Church.

Spanish Defense Debate Focuses on Technology

by Mary Goldstein

How Mexico Is Being Subverted by the Implantation of Religious Cults

by Elsa Ennis

Sendero Luminoso, Drugs, and the Jesuits

by Gretchen Small

A report on Peru.

The Sudan Is Made a Focal Point for Superpower Showdown

by Mary Lalevée

International Intelligence


Euthanasia Policy Poses Clear and Present Danger

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The U.S. medical professional has been drawn away from a vocation as scientific healers, toward a notion of “care” for incurables which is rapidly and publicly exceeding the Nazis’ secret euthanasia efforts.

Father Paris Prescribes for ‘Useless Eaters’

Father John Paris, a Jesuit “medical ethicist”, advocates death by starvation for the sick.

History of the ‘Budget Process’

by Susan Kokinda

Part II of Susan Kokinda’s account of the “systems analysis” takeover of Congressional deliberations.

National News