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Volume 10, Number 34, September 6, 1983

Cover of EIR Volume 10, Number 34, September 6, 1983

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Hugo D’Angelo  

by Cynthia Rush

The executive director of the Argentine-Paraguay company building the Yacyreté hydroelectric project, describes how the project—delayed for years due to the international depression—will help integrate the economic development of regional nations.

Dr. Sally Ride  

by Marsha Freeman

The first U.S. woman—and youngest person—to fly in space describes the technical successes of the seventh Shuttle flight.


Andean Report  

by Valerie Rush

Who controls the ‘cocaine cartel’?

Middle East Report  

by Judith Wyer

Will the U.S. lose Egypt to the IMF?

Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

CFR makes propaganda for the Greens

Italy’s War on Crime  

by Marco Fanini

The Nazi International frees Gelli.


“The technological bases for peace.”


Bankers Plan Resource Grab Against Debtor Nations  

by David Goldman

Auto Workers Offered ‘Final Assembly Option’  

by Richard Freeman

Currency Rates  

Portugal’s Soares Welcomes IMF Austerity Demands  

by Mary Goldstein

The first OECD nation to yield to IMF conditionalities.

International Credit  

by Renée Sigerson

“Pre-emptive conditionalities.”


by Renée Sigerson

The Michigan National case.

Domestic Credit  

by David Goldman

Why rates will rise.

Business Briefs  

Special Report

Beam Weapons Strategy Relaunched at Erice Conference  

by Paolo Raimondi

The historic meeting where, for the first time, Soviet scientists agreed to discuss the feasibility of ABM weapons and “Mutually Assured Survival” with U.S. and European scientists.

Documentation: The final resolution of the conference, President Reagan’s message of support, and excerpts from the in-depth coverage by the Italian press.

The Soviet Union Threatens Pre-Emptive Nuclear War  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A news release by EIR founder Lyndon LaRouche on the strategic situation leading up to the Erice conference.


Mexico’s PAN Fascists: Front for the Hollywood Mafia  

by Timothy Rush

What is really at stake in the Sept. 4 elections in Baja California.

How the Drug Underworld Creates a Separatist Movement: The History of the PAN  

by Timothy Rush

PAN Leader Would Rather Fight Than Retract Support for Nazi Economics  

U.S. State Department Secretly Helped Build the PAN  

Has France’s Mitterrand Signed the Death Warrant for Chad?  

by Mark Burdman

Philippines: The Aquino Murder: In Whose Interest?  

by Richard Katz

Pakistan: Resistance Fears the Danger of Separatism  

by Richard Katz

The Barcelona Ciemen Scandal: Support Center for Separatist Terror Exposed  

by Katherine Kanter

Documentation: Press coverage of the Ciemen’s protests of its innocence.

Armenian Terrorist Wave: Carrying Out the ‘New Yalta’ Policy in Turkey  

by Nancy Coker

The Green Party Is Unconstitutional  

by Andreas Buck

How and why this neo-Nazi formation in West Germany must be officially declared illegal.

France’s ‘Red Millionaire’ Advocates the Partition of Chad  

by Joëlle Leconte

Profile of Jean-Baptiste Doumeng.

International Intelligence  


Andropov Democrats Back from U.S.S.R. with Slingshots  

by Ronald Kokinda

Kissinger Watch  

by M.T. Upharson

A grand jury investigates Henry’s business partner, and the Trilaterals plan Pacific Basin moves.

Eye on Democrats  

by Cincinnatus

Manatt admits he will rig the convention.

National News  

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