Volume 11, Number 20, May 22, 1984



Carlos Andres Perez

by Sara Madueño de Vásquez

The former Venezuelan President, who represents the pro-growth minority of social democrats, blasts the Kissinger Report on Central America and reports on moves toward a continental defense council, two years after the Malvinas War.


Energy Insider

by Vin Berg

An oil-price drop: part of Soviet plan for “Pearl Harbor”?

New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

Another nuclear power milestone.

Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

IMF to blame de la Madrid?

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

A dialogue with “inconvenient” regimes.

Report from Paris

by Joëlle Leconte

Who’s behind the steel shutdown?

Eye on Washington

by Konstantin George

Closeup on Genscher — “I Gotta Meet Some Russians.”

Kissinger Watch

by M.T. Upharson

Fat Henry Heads for the Northern Front — Kissintern Confirms LaRouche Charges.


The beast is on a rampage.


Central Bankers Pull the Plug on Reagan

by Christopher White

Their interest-rate increases reinforce the Soviet effort to crash the U.S. financial system and wreck America’s allies.

Documentation: At a conference of David Rockefeller’s Council of the Americas on May 8 at the State Department, the Reagan administration boosted the current policy of looting Ibero-America.

IMF More Subversive than Soviets, Say Ibero-American Lawmakers

by Robyn Quijano

Documentation: The Latin American Parliament declaration of May 4.

International Post-Industrializers Plot Against German Steel

by Rainer Apel

A Call for Doubling Ruhr Steel Production

Currency Rates

Crash Program Potential: How U.S. Aircraft Output Could Zoom

by Richard Freeman and Vin Berg


by Marcia Merry

Fat years, lean years.


by Kathy Burdman

Conti Illinois tip of the iceberg.

Business Briefs

Special Report

Solomon’s Temple: A Pagan Crusade Against Israel

by Allen Douglas

Writes Allen Douglas: “Behind the plot to destroy the Dome of the Rock—and rebuild Solomon’s Temple in its place—stands a conspiracy which stretches from Israel into the most elite occult branches of royal freemasonry in Great Britain, to Christian fundamentalists in the United States. The aim is to destroy the nations of the Middle East.”

The Biblical Archaeology Review: Child Sacrifice and Isis Cults

by Carole Green and Allen Douglas

Yigael Yadin: The Theoretician of Israel’s Masada Death Cult

by Carole Green and Allen Douglas

Training Priests for a Rebuilt Temple of Solomon

by Allen Douglas

The British Monarchy’s Cultural Warfare Against the State of Israel

by Allen Douglas


Arch-Decoupler Genscher Comes to Washington

by Christopher White

Netherlands: Cabinet Crisis Hits on NATO Flank

by Dean Andromidas

Sweden: Ambassador Exposed as KGB General

by Clifford Gaddy

Ibero-America Launches Battle Against Drug Traffic

by Valerie Rush

Israeli Terror Crackdown Leads to Sharon and the Temple Mount Mafia

by Paolo Serri

Egyptian Elections Foreshadow a Post-Camp David Middle East

by Thierry Lalevée

Nakasone visits India

by Susan Maitra

India-Japan Economic Ties: A Fresh Start

by Susan Maitra

Documentation: Excerpts from the Japanese Prime Minister’s address to the Indian Parliament on May 4.

International Intelligence


LaRouche Democrats Win 20-30% in Primaries

by Donald Baier and Kathleen Klenetsky

Making history: a breakthrough past the Eastern Establishment fix that has excluded any potent anti-Kissinger candidacy from the media-controlled arena. Among other things, three Democrats who ran on presidential candidate LaRouche’s platform are now congressional candidates in November, and an unprecedented vote-fraud challenge is under way against presidential primary rigging in Maryland.

Congressional Report: FBI Sting Operations Threaten Constitution

by Donald Baier

EIR’s charges that the FBI’s undercover operations were grossly illegal and unconstitutional are confirmed by the results of a House Judiciary Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights investigation, suddenly released after EIR founder LaRouche’s April 27 charges against the FBI. The FBI remains under the control of Jimmy Carter’s appointee William Webster and the policy faction which installed the Carter disaster.

Documentation: Evidence that the FBI deployed a sex-with-children ring, and excerpts from the congressional report of May 1.

Congressional Closeup

by Ronald Kokinda and Susan Kokinda

National News