Volume 12, Number 8, February 26, 1985



Orlando Figueroa

The Argentine agriculture engineer and official representative in Buenos Aires of Governor Fernando Riera of Tucumán discusses U.S. policy toward his country’s economy.



by John Grauerholz, M.D.

No Emergency Care for Uninsured?

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Time To Act against the Greens!

Attic Chronicle

by Phocion

The Scythian.

From New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

What Can You Expect from Friends?

Report from Italy

by Liliana Gorini

Fortuna Demands Euthanasia.

Northern Flank

by Aurora Borealis

Palme’s “Conservative” Mirror Image.


Dirty Money.


Volcker Plans To Strangle American Regional Banks

by Kathy Wolfe

The International Monetary Fund’s lobby in the U.S. government plans to triage entire sections of the internal U.S. economy, in the interests of bailing out the international bankers.

Creditors Bludgeon Ibero-America with Kissinger’s Debt for Equity Plan

by Cynthia R. Rush

Why Cisneros’s Gang Is Slandering EIR

Documentation: The Venezuelan press on LaRouche.

LaRouche Affirms His Support for Venezuela’s President Jaime Lusinchi

Currency Rates

Spain: Financial Scandal Hits ‘Black’ Aristocracy

by Vivian Freyre Zoakos

The international repercussions of the Spanish probe may be extraordinary.


by Kathy Wolfe

Weld and First Boston’s Money Laundry.

International Credit

by William Engdahl

Davos Conference Maps Union Busting.


by Marcia Merry

The Media Cover-Up.

Business Briefs

Special Report

The Crimes of the IMF: Ignorance Is No Excuse

The case for abolishing the International Monetary Fund—all the reasons are stated in the Crimes Against Humanity statutes drawn up at Nuremberg.

The IMF in Mexico: ‘Adjustment Plan’ Means Starvation

by David Ramonet

The History of the IMF: Keynes’s Conspiracy against Western Civilization

by David Goldman

IMF Demands Economic Shutdown, Financial Dictatorship for the U.S.A.

by Richard Freeman


West Germany Joins the Strategic Defense Initiative

by George Gregory

Helmut Kohl’s endorsement of beam-weapon defenses means that Europe will soon no longer be MAD.

Documentation: Speeches from the Wehrkunde Meeting: Kohl, Weinberger, Teller, Hernu, and Bahr.

The Fraud of Soviet ‘Anti-Revanchism’

by Konstantin George

Anglo-Soviet Deal Behind ANZUS Breakup

by G. Allen Douglas

Japan’s Nakasone Leads Asian Fight To Join U.S. Beam-Defense Program

by Paul Goldstein

Alliances Changing in the Maghreb

by Thierry Lalevée

Lord Bethell, the Queen of England, and the Assassination of Mrs. Gandhi

by G. Allen Douglas

The career and associates of Nicholas, the Fourth Baron Bethell, begin to define the networks responsible.

The French Opposition’s Program: Monetarism, Racialism, Colonialism

Exclusive report on the second annual conference of the Club 89.

Is Shimon Peres the Next Shlomo Argov?

International Intelligence


Reagan and King Fahd: Green Light to Peace Plan

by Linda de Hoyos

The state visit has created the first serious opportunity for a Middle East peace in many decades.

Documentation: A senior Administration official’s background briefing—blacked out by the U.S. press.

SDI Charts Revolution in Science, Industry

by Paul Gallagher

Maximizing civilian industrial spinoffs is now official Administration policy.

The Wire in the Sky: What Is Project Antigone?

Behind the Brawl in the Democratic Party

by Warren J. Hamerman

President Reagan: ‘Geneva Agreement Won’t Stop the SDI’

It goes ahead whatever the Soviets agree to, Reagan told the New York Times.

Kissinger Watch

by M.T. Upharson

What Vernon Walters Does for Kissinger — Mexico Beware!

National News