Volume 12, Number 15, April 16, 1985



The Aleppo Mafia, Syria, and the Temple Mount Plot

The Jewish fascist underground may not be aware of it as they plot tossing bombs at the Dome of the Rock mosque, but Syrian intelligence, tied into the Israeli mafia through some old and dirty families of Aleppo, is behind their actions.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Cutting Genscher Down to Size.

Middle East Report

by Thierry Lalevée

Behind the “Unified Terror Command.”


by John Grauerholz, M.D.

Retrofit for Genetic Diseases.

Inside the Pentagon

by Tecumseh

Dr. Strangelove Is Alive and Well.


Shades of the Malvinas


IMF Readies Surveillance over the U.S. Economy

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Escalating ‘Trade War’ with Japan Part of Kissinger Moves To Topple Pro-SDI Nakasone Government

The measures will do nothing to reduce the U.S. trade-deficit or halt the collapse of the goods-producing economy, but will aid the effort to pull the United States out of Europe, the Mideast, and Asia.

Africa Threatened with Recolonization

by Thierry Lalevée

Brazil Pal of Shultz Faces Jail for Fraud

by Mark Sonnenblick

Currency Rates

The ‘Recovery’ in West Germany: Living Below the Poverty Level

by Rainer Apel

Fruit of ‘Recovery’: America No Longer a Steel Making Nation

by Robert Gallagher

A preview of the findings of EIR’s forthcoming Quarterly Economic Report.


by George Elder

Food Shortage: Not If—When.


by Mark Sonnenblick

The Food Weapon: The Case of Brazil.

Business Briefs

Special Report

The Strategic Role of Portugal’s Fight for Economic Progress

by Laurent Murawiec

When President Reagan visits, he will find that one of America’s poorest allies is also that most committed to the Atlantic Alliance, the President’s Strategic Defense Initiative, and to “waging a fight for the development of Africa to regain it from communism” The major problems facing the country? The IMF and the U.S. State Department.

Interview: Dr. Rui Machete

Portugal Is Open to the SDI Program.

Interview: Gen. Lemos Ferreira

Strategic Defense: Europe Should Join in a “Manhattan Project.”

Interview: José Veiga Simão

Fight Communism with Economic Development.

Interview: Manuel Alegre

IMF Blocks All Hope for Democracy.

Interview: Angelo Correia

“I Am Completely in Favor of the SDI.”

Interview: João Salgueiro

“Africa Needs Our Technology To Develop.”


Greece after Papandreou Coup: Soviet Satrapy or Civil War?

by Phocion

The nationalists around the army, the King, and the former President must not wait for a “green light from Washington” if they hope to save their nation from the Kremlin’s “great game” in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Western Hemisphere War on Drugs Has Started To Get Serious

by Valerie Rush

Within only two weeks of Lyndon LaRouche’s call for a real, “shooting-war” on drugs, major features of his general staff order in that regard are being picked up for implementation.

Documentation: An editorial statement from Diario de Caracas.

International Intelligence


Weinberger: Soviets Ready Missile-Defense ‘Breakout’

by Charles B. Stevens

The U.S.S.R. seeks a “monopoly” on missile defenses, will have a nationwide conventional ABM “operational in the late 1980s,” and has gone beyond research to begin actually developing prototype laser weapons, reports the Defense Secretary.

Documentation: Excerpts from his April 2 press conference.

Nicholson’s Murder an ‘Act of War’

McCloy’s Children Try To Destroy German-American Relations

by Mark Burdman

A report on the recent Atlantic Bridge conference in Dallas.

AEI Backs Soviet Takeover in Europe

Kissinger Watch

by M.T. Upharson

Who’s Next? — A New Poll — Moscow Connection.

Congressional Closeup

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The Defense Budget Gets the Axe — Congress Starts Hearings on Bank of Boston Scandal — Heinz Bill Would Extend Medicare Hospice Benefits — Kissinger’s “Private State Department” Scored — Capitol Crimes.

National News