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Volume 12, Number 20, May 21, 1985

Cover of EIR Volume 12, Number 20, May 21, 1985

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Dr. H.S.H. Seifert  

by William Engdahl

The head of the Animal Hygiene Department of the Institute for Crop Science and Animal Hygiene of the University of Göttingen, West Germany, discusses the failure of the World Bank’s approach.

Reverend Houston Anderson  

by Lydia Cherry

The Schiller Institute leader in Alabama tells how he pushed an anti-IMF resolution through the state legislature.


Report from Paris  

by Yves Messer

Mitterrand Sabotaging the SDI.

Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

Reagan Demotes Brandt.

Mother Russia  

by Luba George and Carol Green

The Pan-Slavic Dimension Emerges.


“A New Era for Inalienable Rights.”


The Bonn Summit and Soviet Strategy  

by Christopher White

The final communiqué, as expected, preserved the two major mythical tenets of present economic policy, and therefore represented a significant step forward for the Kremlin’s policy toward the West.

The Order of Battle for a Global War on Disease  

by Warren J. Hamerman

Prepared by EIR: detailed measures under military command for launching and winning the War on Disease. The first measure: a complete moratorium on all IMF conditionalities.

Science & Technology  

by Charles B. Stevens

Advances toward the Ultimate Laser.

Currency Rates  


by Marcia Merry

Save the Soil from Farmers!


by Mark Burdman

When E.F. Hutton Talks...

Soviet Economy  

by Rachel Douglas

Czech-Russian Machine-Tool Center.

Andean Report  

by Carlos Potes

Economic Integration Idea Is Back.

Business Briefs  

Special Report

The Looming Extinction of the ‘White Race’: The Continuing Legacy of the 1815 Treaty of Vienna  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Reports that, behind the Hitler-like passion for “eugenics,” among the Harrimans, the Bundys, the British aristocracy, and the current Soviet dynasty, there lies the fact, that “The Great White Race” is not only losing “biological supremacy.” That “Great White Race” is dying-out, at an accelerating rate.


European Air Defense Initiative: a Crash Program for Beam Defense  

Written in February 1985 by the staff of the Fusion Energy Foundation, in cooperation with Executive Intelligence Review.


State Department Builds Nazi Coup Plot in Mexico  

by Timothy Rush

They are not all armed yet, the 60,000 in paramilitary training; but this will be remedied shortly, boast insiders of the National Action Party (PAN) in Mexico.

Economist: ‘Mexico’s Next Revolution’  

‘The Germans Were With Us the day the American Revolution Triumphed’  

President Reagan’s May 2-8 visit to Europe, and especially his last day in West Germany, marked a turning point in U.S-German relations: We present in full his speech at Hambach Castle May 6.

Documentation: Chancellor Kohl’s speech in reply; and the lies carried in the Soviet and U.S. press.

The ‘Pakistani Bomb’ Intensifies India’s Strategic Dilemma  

by Susan Maitra

Behind the Conspiracy To Create a Unified, Fundamentalist Islam  

by Thierry Lalevée

International Intelligence  


GOP Imposes Defense Freeze on the President  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Just days earlier, the President had warned that such a move would be an “irresponsible act,” jeopardizing all the accomplishments of his Administration.

Weld Covers for Dope Banks ... Again  

by Nancy Spannaus

Kissinger Watch  

by M.T. Upharson

Of Capri, and the Holy Roman Empire — “A Private Channel” — “The Holy Roman Empire.”

Congressional Closeup  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

National News  

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