Volume 13, Number 1, January 3, 1986


The Year in Review

The Year 1985: Picking Up History’s Thread from 1439

by Criton Zoakos

Most of us, living in the here and now, have trouble appreciating that our civilization’s historical program, from its inception, was “to make all men into sons of God,” and while nothing is sure in the coming year, we have a fighting chance.


The Looming Bankruptcy of the United States

by Christopher White

The economy has now entered a bankruptcy reorganization dictated by the IMF—the end of an era in United States and world history.

1985: The Prelude to a Global Financial Breakdown

by David Goldman

The commercial banks have endorsed James Baker’s debt plan at last, but it is already guaranteed to fail. The reason? The depression in international trade.

The International War on Drugs: Where U.S. Wouldn’t Help, EIR Did

by Gretchen Small

In the face of a furious onslaught by Dope, Inc., the groundwork was laid this year for a military alliance against “narco-terrorism” in the Americas. Without this magazine, it never would have happened.

For a ‘Strategic Defense Initiative’ against AIDS and Other Pandemics

by Warren J. Hamerman

While government “experts” minimized the AIDS threat, EIR blew the cover off its true extent and the nest of Soviet officials running the disinformation campaign from Geneva.

LaRouche Warned the World of AIDS Threat

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

AIDS: The Lies of the Coverup Artists

Domestic Credit

by D. Stephen Pepper

U.S. Treasury at the brink.


The Synod: The Vatican Intervenes in the World

by Vivian Freyre Zoakos

The authority of Reason was asserted, against collegial opinion, and against “pluralist” anarchy.

The ‘Third Rome’: Russian Church Backs Gorbachov’s War Drive

by Luba George

Ibero-America: The Year of Will, of Action, and of Operation Juárez

by Robyn Quijano

The Year the Schiller Institute Began To Make Policy for Governments

by Vin Berg

The First Year of the Gorbachov Era: Global Showdown 1985

by Konstantin George

For the Soviet military buildup and Gorbachov’s vow to transform the economy, the past year was a turning point. Yet, the United States declares national bankruptcy and unilateral defense budget cuts.

Global Showdown: EIR’s Report Jolts Citizens, Governments

by Webster G. Tarpley

An author of Global Showdown reports on the results of his international tour.

The Battle for Europe: Will European Nations Survive 1986 as Allies of the United States?

by Philip Golub

In West Germany, a New Policy Voice

by Vin Berg and Rainer Apel

The New Yalta Deal in Action: America Attacks Its Asian Allies

by Linda de Hoyos

The goal of combined British, Soviet, and State Department operations has been to destroy the independent nations of the region.

Spy Wars: Changing Priesthoods in the Cults of Intelligence

by Criton Zoakos

What was behind the year’s “spy wars”?

Will the United States Answer the Challenge of Terrorism?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Southern Africa at Year’s End: Soviets Push It to the Abyss

Africa: On the Brink of Action against the Debt Crisis

by Mary Lalevée

The Middle East in 1985: From Mistakes to Catastrophes

by Thierry Lalevée


The SDI: How the Russians and Friends Threw It Off Track

by Carol White

Tremendous technological breakthroughs were made, but funding has been all but cutoff.

U.S. War on Drugs: ‘When Going Got Tough, the Administration Cut and Ran’

by Marilyn Kay

The Year Money-Laundering Made the Headlines—and Nothing Was Done

Hundreds of incidents earned banking institutions nothing but a slap on the wrist.

The Citizen Candidates’ Movement that Took Washington by Storm

by Marla Minnicino and D. Stephen Pepper

The National Democratic Policy Committee will be back next year with candidates for every congressional seat. And Lyndon LaRouche is running for President!

The Congress in 1985: The Nation Won’t Survive Another Year Like That

by Ronald Kokinda

Kissinger Watch

by M.T. Upharson

Emissary for a “New Yalta” — A Global Assault against U.S. Allies.