Volume 13, Number 4, January 24, 1986



Elisabeth Furtwängler

by Ortrun Cramer and Hartmut Cramer

The wife of the late German conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler recounts her husband’s battle to uphold the best of German classical culture, the heritage of Beethoven—despite the horrors of the Nazi period and a slander campaign run by the U.S. East Coast music mafia after the war.

Jacob D. Nyaose

by Nicholas F. Benton

The exiled founder of the liberation movement in the Republic of South Africa discusses the prospects for a nonviolent solution to his nation’s crisis.


Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menéndez

Who Is Really Sinking Pemex?

From New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

Zia Lifts Martial Law in Pakistan.

Report from Paris

by Mark Burdman

Will a New France Emerge?

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Politician Gives Moscow a Hard Time.


A Simple Little Test.


U.S. Bankruptcy Sparks the ‘Great Insurance War’

by David Goldman

Russians Tease Bonn with Trade Promises

by William Engdahl

Currency Rates


by Donald Baier

First Fidelity Bank’s Links to Crime.

Labor in Focus

by Marianna Wertz

Gramm-Rudman Will Hit the Dakotas.

Report from Italy

by Renato Tosatto

IMF Demands Cuts in Health Care.

Business Briefs

Science & Technology

Opening the Age of Electromagnetic Flight

by Marsha Freeman

Reports on the “maglev” trains which will be able to travel from New York to San Francisco in 21 minutes.

The Collapse of U.S. Railroads

German Industry Tests ‘Super-Train’

by William Engdahl

Describes the electromagnetic trains in West Germany which are nearing readiness for commercial use.


The Israeli Card in Russian Grand Strategy

by Criton Zoakos and Mark Burdman

A powerful faction inside the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence organization, has deployed, in coordination with the Russian KGB, a formidable terror and assassination capability against the United States. Editor-in-chief Criton Zoakos and Mark Burdman analyze the development of this faction and its origins in the Russian port city of Odessa.

Irgun, Mossad, and Global Terrorism

by Paul Goldstein

The historical roots of the Sharon faction in the Mossad.

Qaddafi’s Israeli Connection: A Case Study of ‘The Trust’

by Scott Thompson

When President Reagan called for a boycott against the Libyan economy, did he realize who runs that economy? It certainly is not Qaddafi.

Soviets Move into Gulf, Mediterranean

by Thierry Lalevée


State Department Guns for Civil War in Philippines

by Linda de Hoyos

As of the middle of January, the State Department has displayed its full-fledged support for the opposition ticket. If its strategy succeeds, the United States will be forced to withdraw its military bases.

World Cup Soccer Tainted by Mafia, Kissinger, as ’78 Scandal Widens

by Mark Sonnenblick

Did Henry Kissinger buy the 1978 World Soccer Cup for Argentina? A tale of bribes, drugs, and false-bottomed suitcases.

Spain: A Referendum for ‘Decoupling’

by Leonardo Servadio

United Kingdom: Who’s Afraid of Mrs. Thatcher?

by Laurent Murawiec

Qaddafi Devil Cultists Captured as South Americans Begin Crackdown

by Gretchen Small

International Intelligence


Weinberger: American System Can Be Exported

by Leo Scanlon

A Pentagon-sponsored conference on Low Intensity Warfare highlighted two distinct trends of thought battling to shape U.S. policy in the area: the traditional American approach versus the Spartan model.

‘From Augustine to Grotius’: Weinberger on the Just War

Speech by Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger at Fort McNair.

The Constitutional Challenge to the Gramm-Rudman Bill

by Sanford Roberts and John Chambless

The Congress has abdicated its own responsibility to govern and has violated the separation of powers—but the real crime goes deeper than the current critics are willing to recognize.

Gramm, Rudman in Their Former Lives

by Anton Chaitkin

The author of Treason in America traces the historical roots of today’s American budget maniacs.

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