Volume 14, Number 11, March 13, 1987



John Erickson

by Mark Burdman

The University of Edinburgh Defense Studies expert discusses Gorbachov’s Russification, lies, and strategic deception, in an on-the-record interview.

General (ret.) Lauris Norstad

The former Supreme Allied Commander, Commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 1956-62, discusses whether or not the United States is prepared to defend Europe with nuclear weapons.

Operation Juárez

The Great Projects in Agriculture

Quality food is the first thing required to guarantee the continent’s development. Continuing EIR’s serialization of Ibero-American Integration: 100 Million New Jobs by the Year 2000!

Science & Technology

Parameters for a Research Mobilization against AIDS

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

A real war on AIDS will make use of the most advanced technologies, techniques, and ideas in biological science. Part two of Jonathan Tennenbaum’s report.

Book Review

Rockefeller’s Gameplan To Collect Ibero-America’s Illegitimate Debt

by Dennis Small

Review of Toward Renewed Economic Growth in Latin America by Bela Balassa, Gerardo Bueno, Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski, and Mario H. Simonsen.


Africa Report

by Mary Lalevée

AIDS Threatens Population’s Survival.

Report from Paris

by Yves Messer

Attack on IIASA Hurts Raymond Barre.

Report from Rome

by Liliana Celani

Andreotti’s Bid Draws Opposition.

Middle East Report

by Omar Ali al Montasser

New Crisis on Libyan Horizon.

Andean Report

by Valerie Rush

Fighting the War against Terrorism.

Northern Flank

by Göran Haglund

Has glasnost come to Sweden?

Dateline Mexico

Who’s behind the Ojinaga Connection?


Vindication in Sweden.


After Brazil, $300 Billion Real Estate Bubble Sags

by David Goldman

No sooner had American bank regulators begun considering how to re-cook the books of the big commercial banks, than an even bigger pot exploded.

Brazil Wins West European Support for Debt Moratorium

by Robyn Quijano

Both France and Italy have extended support and loans to the Sarney government.

Documentation: What Finance Minister Funaro said in Paris.

After the Moratorium: Domestic Foes Fear Brazilian Greatness

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Railroads Will Bring Back Brazil’s Great Projects

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Currency Rates

War against AIDS: Bavaria Goes It Alone

by Wolfgang Lillge, M.D.

Reports on the state government’s preliminary public health measures, in the face of outrageous inaction at the federal level.


by John Grauerholz, M.D.

Rheumatic Fever Returns.


by Marcia Merry

Vultures Overhead.

Business Briefs


Tower Commission Covers Up for ‘Project Democracy’

by Criton Zoakos

Just a few of the highlights from a forthcoming EIR Special Report on the “invisible government” that has been running U.S. foreign and economic policy: “Michael Ledeen, Project Democracy, and the Secret Government Behind the Iran-Contra Affair.”


INF Draft Treaty: Don’t Revive Reykjavik!

by Konstantin George

Gorbachov makes a play to the anti-defense elements in the Reagan Administration to implement the zero option in Europe.

International Intelligence


LaRouche Urges: Export Goods, Not Money

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Presidential candidate released the following analysis on March 3: How to link our own development to that of our Third World allies.

Reagan Reemerges, But What’s the Agenda?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

White House Admits INF Draft Puts Soviets Ahead

Israeli Spy Gets Life Sentence

by Joseph Brewda

Project Democracy: ‘Glasnost’ Submarine in U.S. Intelligence

by Scott Thompson

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

League of Cities Lacks a Program — Iowa: Presidential Issues Are Urban.

Year of the Constitution: Why Is the Shadow Government Trying To Silence These Reporters?

by Marianna Wertz

Congressional Closeup

by Ronald Kokinda

National News