Volume 14, Number 15, April 10, 1987



Currency Rates

Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Valdez

Integration in Action.

Andean Report

by Valerie Rush

Colombia Debt Fears Surface.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Not-So-Strange Bedfellows.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Revolt against the “Recovery” Hoax.

Report from Paris

by Claude Albert

Soviets to face LaRouche in court.

Northern Flank

by Göran Haglund

The Palme case revisited—by Moscow.

From New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

A Science Crisis.


A Message from Lima to Washington.

Operation Juárez

Research & Development for the Next Thirty Years

How will Ibero-America train the scientists and engineers it needs to enter the 21st century as an advanced industrial power? Continuing the serialization of the Schiller Institute’s influential book, Ibero-American Integration: 100 Million New Jobs by the Year 2000!

AIDS Alert

Fighting AIDS: A Pasteurian Approach

by Laurent Rosenfeld

A conference in Paris focused on the threat to Africa, and debunked the “condom campaigns” carried out by many governments.

Reagan, Chirac Agree on AIDS Cooperation

A Turn in Soviet Policy on AIDS

by Konstantin George

Contagion ‘Civil Rights’ Faction Holds Key Posts in Congress

by Ronald Kokinda

GOP Candidates Favor Mandatory AIDS Tests

Science & Technology

Disappearing Ozone: Reality, or Another Hoax?

by Carol Cleary and Carol White

Environmentalists claim that we’re on the brink of disaster because the ozone layer is vanishing; but their methodology seems as doubtful as the now-discredited “nuclear winter” promoted by Moscow and Carl Sagan.


French Premier Offers Sane Economic Policy to U.S.

by Donald Baier

Guillaume’s ‘Marshall Plan’: Challenge to Malthusianism and Looting

by Jacques Cheminade

Currency Rates

Victory in Chad: Hope for an Africa without Qaddafi?

by Mary Lalevée

Brazil Renews Moratorium Impulse

by Mark Sonnenblick

The creditors’ attempt to crush Brazil has backfired.


by Marcia Merry

Soybean Trade War Looms.

Fighting AIDS: A Pasteurian Approach

by Laurent Rosenfeld

A New Tool To Eradicate Malaria

by Marsha Freeman

The Medical Aspect of Euthanasia

by Corrado Manni, M.D.

A guest commentary by Dr. Corrado Manni of Rome’s Sacred Heart University.

Euthanasia for Children Proposed in Netherlands

Thailand Resists ‘Privatization’ Push

by Sophie Tanapura

International Credit

by David Goldman

What Happened to the $368 Billion?


by Montresor

Is There a Gold Glut?

Corporate Strategy

by David Goldman

So Much for Respectable Names.

Business Briefs


Choices for the U.S. after the Death of Reaganomics

by Christopher White

The line-up within the United States boils down to LaRouche and his reorganization proposals, against the alliance of Trilateralists represented by Kissinger with the Mellons and their friends.

Securitization Comes to a Timely But Horrible End

by David Goldman

What ended on March 28, with the Reagan Administration’s announcement of trade war against Japan, was the world banking system’s life-after-death, following its actual bankruptcy during the 1982-84 debt crisis.


Thatcher To Broker East-West Relations?

by Criton Zoakos

The British Prime Minister’s visit to Moscow at the end of March, had to it “more than meets the eye.”

Pentagon Report Rips Basis of Zero Option

by Leo Scanlon

The second in his series of articles reviewing Soviet Military Power in 1987.

Chile: Pope Cuts Through Anti-Communist Myth

by Valerie Rush

Project Democracy: PAN Blames LaRouche for Media Exposure of Ties to Colonel North

by Dolia Estévez-Pettingell

Volkswagen Funds Pro-Dope Schemes

Opening the file on the VW Foundation and “Project Democracy” antics in Ibero-America.

New People’s Army Takes Offensive against Philippines Government

by Linda de Hoyos

Documentation: The career of “Kumander S.,” formerly of the NPA.

A Turn in Soviet Policy on AIDS

by Konstantin George

International Intelligence


For Reagan and Advisers, Day of Reckoning Has Passed

by Nicholas F. Benton

The override of the Highway Bill veto kicked the President in the teeth again for his “Adam Smith” ideology; and now, it can’t be blamed on Don Regan.

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Schmidt Reacts Violently to Chirac — Schmidt Pushes “Green” Agenda — Kissinger Responds to EIR.

Congressional Closeup

by Ronald Kokinda

National News