Volume 14, Number 32, August 14, 1987



Zaki Yavuztürk

The Turkish Defense Minister discusses who gains if Turkey is destabilized.

Safa Giray

Turkey’s Minister of Housing and Construction reports on the country’s development projects and prospects.

Book Reviews

Probe of ‘Son of Sam’ Terror Cult Documents Satanic Underground

by Ira Liebowitz

Looks at The Ultimate Evil, An Investigation of America’s Most Dangerous Satanic Cult by Maury Terry.

AIDS Update

Cover-Up Persists on AIDS Co-Factors

by Warren J. Hamerman

New York ‘Research Study’ in October

AIDS Insurance Costs Seen Soaring

400,000 AIDS Cases in Brazil

AIDS Called ‘Greatest Plague’


Andean Report

by Jaime Ramírez

Venezuela and the Banks.

Report from Bonn

by Dean Andromidas

Air Show Draws 250-300,000.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Papal “Law” in Brazil.

American System

by Anton Chaitkin

The French Alliance Revived.

Books Received


An Executive Order To Replace 12333.

Science & Technology

Advanced Nuclear-Pulsed Propulsion for Space Travel

by Charles B. Stevens

In the second part of Charles B. Stevens’s report, he outlines the history of nuclear-pulsed rocket ship design and the potential for terrestrial technological spin-offs.


Brazilian Government Faces Opposition to Its IMF Deals

by Mark Sonnenblick

Former Brazilian Finance Minister Dilson Funaro accuses his successor of implementing International Monetary Fund austerity demands, while claiming he has not made any deals with the IMF.

Cover-Up Persists on AIDS Co-Factors

by Warren J. Hamerman

Despite the AIDS holocaust unfolding in Africa, the Reagan Administration continues to maintain its genocidal cover-up.

Philippine Senators Call for Peru Solution on Debt

by Linda de Hoyos

Although Corazon Aquino is unlikely to call for debt repudiation on her own initiative, pressure is building up in the country for a ceiling on foreign debt payments.

Currency Rates

Foreign Exchange

by David Goldman

The End of the Dollar Bloc.

García Mobilizes Peru as Drug Banks Fight Nationalization

by Valerie Rush

U.S. Economy: Governors Release Reports on the Economy: They Don’t Know What To Do

by Marcia Merry

Re-Run of 1979 ‘Oil Shock’ Ahead?

by William Engdahl


by Joyce Fredman

Drama of U.S. Oil Producers.

Business Briefs


LaRouches Express Solidarity with NATO Ally Turkey

by Thierry Lalevée

“The strength of Turkey’s economy, the stability of Turkey’s culture, the influence of Turkish-Islamic culture throughout the entire region as a moderating force are in the interest of the United States to protect,” Lyndon LaRouche told the press, after he and Helga Zepp-LaRouche met with the Prime Minister and Defense Minister, among others.

Will the U.S. State Department Wreck Relations with Turkey?

by Thierry Lalevée

Surveys the history of Turkey’s strategic importance and its foreign relations.

The Kurdish Terrorists: Soviet Irregular Warfare

LaRouche Talks to the Turkish Press

An interview with Milliyet, and a sampling of the press coverage.

‘Surprises’ in Ankara

Interview: Zaki Yavuztürk: Look Who Gains, If Turkey Is Weakened

by Webster G. Tarpley and Thierry Lalevée

Interview: Safa Giray: ‘The Earth Is Always Moving in Turkey’

by Webster G. Tarpley and Thierry Lalevée


Stakes Get Higher in U.S. Gulf Deployment

by Jeffrey Steinberg

For the first time since the U.S. Marines were withdrawn in disgrace from Lebanon, American credibility is once again on the rise within leading Arab political ranks.

Panama: Documents Show State Dept. Backs Cocaine Traffickers against Noriega

by Valerie Rush

Proof that the U.S. State Department is working with the so-called Medellín Cartel surfaced in documents seized by Panama’s government, and others released to EIR investigators in the United States.

Sri Lanka and India Avert Regional War

by Linda de Hoyos

Catholic, ‘New Age’ Forces Battle for Control of Italian Government

by Leonardo Servadio

What’s in store for the new premier, Giovanni Goria.

The Meteoric Rise of Gen. V.N. Lobov

by Rachel Douglas

A profile of the First Deputy Chief of Russia’s General Staff.

Mikhail Gorbachov’s Stable of Great Russian Racist Writers

by Luba George

The “village prose school” helps whip up the sort of Nazi-like mystical fanaticism for Mother Russia ideal for a war mobilization.

International Intelligence


The September Budget Crisis Is Now Set

by David Goldman

For the third time in less than a month, the national bankruptcy of the United States has been postponed for the moment, by increasing the danger of national bankruptcy in the immediate future.

Will the LaRouche Case Turn into ‘Reagangate’?

Unfortunate remarks by Vice President George Bush could be the trigger that transforms the Reagan Administration’s four-year-long legal harassment against Democratic Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche into “Reagangate.”

The ‘Bankruptcy’ Case

Boston Hearings Set on Leesburg Raid

The government’s case against LaRouche and 15 other individuals has begun to dramatically unravel, with disclosures of electronic surveillance and an FBI agent’s lying.

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Think Tankers Mouth Soviet Strategic Line.

National News