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Volume 15, Number 11, March 11, 1988

Cover of EIR Volume 15, Number 11, March 11, 1988

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Prof. Marek Sliwinski  

by Mark Burdman

A University of Geneva political scientist documents the extent of Soviet genocide in Afghanistan.

Book Reviews

Brundtland Commission Proposes Ecologists’ Fascist World Order  

by Mark Burdman

Looks at Our Common Future, the Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development.

Documentation: The zero growthers form a unified command at a recent convention in Costa Rica.

Fighting Cancer, or Fighting Culture?  

by Janet West

Reviews The Dread Disease; Cancer and Modern American Culture by James T. Patterson.

AIDS Update

Steps in the Right Direction  

by John Grauerholz, M.D.

Britain’s Euthanasia Movement Declares War on Western Culture  

by Mark Burdman


Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

No Jobs in the Post-Industrial Age.

Report from Paris  

by Jean Baptiste Blondel

A Blow against Terrorism.

Report from Rome  

by Antonio Gaspari

Bulgarian Connection Pops Up Again.

Dateline Mexico  

by Hugo López Ochoa

Catholics Clash with “Art” Mafia.

Andean Report  

by Valerie Rush

The War on the Oil Pipelines.

Books Received  


Colonize Space!

Science & Technology

Will the SDI Survive? A Political Question  

Alpha: The First Space-Based Defense  

by Charles B. Stevens

Continuing technological breakthroughs with multi-element phased array mirrors, phase conjugation firing, and coupling systems, and, techniques for distributed phased array coupling of laser modules promise to provide the means of transforming the firepower of a couple of dozen space-based Alpha laser modules to a level sufficient to destroy thousands of ballistic missiles launched from any geographical location within a few minutes.


The Leading-Indicator Lies of the U.S. Government  

by Christopher White

Guess how the U.S. government made the “revised” leading indicators for December 1987 look better? They added in the amount of credit that was extended to consumers that month!

More Austerity Hits Mexico’s Labor Force  

by Peter Rush

Banks Keep Brazil on a Short Leash  

by Mark Sonnenblick

‘Roundtable’ Slashes West European Jobs  

by William Engdahl

The European Industrialists Roundtable is preparing for 1992’s “Single Europe,” and integration into the Soviet Empire.


by Sue Atkinson

USDA Shuts Down Rural America.


by John Grauerholz, M.D.

Steps in the Right Direction.

Britain’s Euthanasia Movement Declares War on Western Culture  

by Mark Burdman

“The sort of opposition we have to overcome, is from those who insist that human life is sacred,” says a spokesman.

Currency Rates  

On Slime Mold, and the ‘One Worlders’  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Business Briefs  


A Strategy of Justice: Reply to the Encyclical  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The response of U.S. presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. to the Encyclical, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II. This response “is intended to express ecumenical solidarity of the good men and women of the United States with the commitment to promote the true sovereignty of nations and persons, to recognize the inalienable right to economic development as intrinsic to such sovereignties, and to acknowledge the persistence of a great, intolerable wrong intrinsic to the present ordering of relevant features of the affairs among and within nations.” Part 1 of 2.


NATO Replaces Firepower with Hollow Words  

by Nicholas F. Benton

The NATO heads of government acknowledged the overwhelming conventional superiority of the Warsaw Pact, but the only strategy they came up with to deal with it, is to rely on the good will of the Kremlin.

Shultz Pulls Kremlin into Mideast Deals  

by Scott Thompson

Geneva Researcher Documents Soviet Genocide in Afghanistan  

by Mark Burdman

Nine percent of the Afghan population has been killed, and of these, about 80% were civilian victims.

East Bloc Nations Near to Explosion  

by Konstantin George

Is the Soviet Union ready for self-government?

Gorbachov’s Dilemma in Armenia Violence  

by Muriel Mirak

If he makes concessions, it will provoke demands from all minorities. If he doesn’t, then brute military force destroys his image in the West.

What’s Really Going On inside Panama  

by Robyn Quijano

‘Vesco International’ Lashes Out at Noriega  

Caravan Guard 88: American Troops’ Defense of Europe’s Central Front  

by Dean Andromidas

France Vows Military Support for Germany  

by Christine Bierre

International Intelligence  


U.S. Ditches Sanity in Panama Canal Grab  

by Gretchen Small

If someone didn’t know Panama had a population of 2 million, and has been one of the friendliest in the world to the United States since its founding, he might think the United States had declared war on its ultimate enemy.

Eye on Washington  

by Nicholas F. Benton

NATO “Unity” Achieved through Isolation.

Elephants & Donkeys  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Candidates Macho It Out over Panama Policy — LaRouche Challenges Bush to Debate — Al Gore Receives New Republic Endorsement.

Congressional Closeup  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

National News  

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