Volume 16, Number 7, February 10, 1989



Edwin Gray

by Kathy Wolfe

The former head of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board discusses Donald Regan’s plot to wreck the American thrift industry.

Carlo Bergonzi

by Jeanne Percesepe Bell

The great tenor explains why there is only one scientific tuning.


Philippines NPA: A Case of Soviet Irregular Warfare

by Linda de Hoyos and Dean Andromidas

The model for the Theology of Liberation-tinged insurgency is the Sandinistas of Nicaragua, and in the last few months, evidence has emerged of more direct links to the Soviet Union.

Hunger as a Tool of Destabilization

by Col. lsmael Z. Villareal

Address to the Schiller Institute’s Food for Peace conference in Nauheim, West Germany.

Where the NPA Gets Its Money

How NPA Recruits: Barangays and Labor

A profile of the insurgents’ organization.


Dateline Mexico

by Hugo López Ochoa

Will the Debt Be Paid with Drugs?

Report from Paris

by Thierry Lalevée

From Insider Trading to Blackmail.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Old Boys, New Parties... New Yalta.

Andean Report

by Valerie Rush

Peru, and the Defense of LaRouche.

Middle East Report

by Omar Ali al Montasser

Libyan Opposition Betrayed Again.


They Shall Not Prevail.


Scientific Tuning Taking Over in Italy

by Liliana Celani

Italy’s Senate Cultural Commission is discussing a bill to adopt Verdi’s “tuning fork,” and hopes to approve it soon.

‘There Is Only One Scientific Tuning Fork, A=432’

by Jeanne Percesepe Bell

An interview with tenor Carlo Bergonzi.

Tuning and Register as Policy Issues

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The paper that started the movement for scientific tuning.


Fed’s Greenspan Launches Power Grab

by Christopher White

The central bankers and the Bush Administration’s new team are jockeying for position to control the financial collapse. What they agree on, is a program of ruthless austerity for the United States.

Savings & Loan Blowout Looms

by Kathy Wolfe

An interview with former FHLBB head Edwin Gray.

Currency Rates

USDA Sets Non-Food Priorities, Outlines ‘Low-Input’ Agriculture

by Marcia Merry

Heritage Foundation Out To Revive Mexico’s Fascist PAN, End ‘Cardenism’

by Dolia Estévez-Pettingell


by Marcia Merry

Too Scared To Take Emergency Actions.

Foreign Exchange

by William Engdahl

More Dollar Shocks Ahead.

Business Briefs


Murder of Roberto Calvi Tied to Global Satanist Cult

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The top Freemasons are in a fratricidal “holy war,” but it’s nothing compared to what they have in store for the rest of us.

The Lucis Trust: Satanism and the New World Order

by Scott Thompson

A profile of some of the world’s premier Satanic coordinating centers.

The Royal Family and the Freemasons

by Scott Thompson

Charles, Prince of the New Age

by Kathleen Klenetsky


Is Bush Planning To ‘Dismantle’ NATO?

by Michael Liebig

At the Wehrkunde defense conference in Munich, U.S. representatives preached “burden sharing” to the allies. But this was just window-dressing for the actual policy of withdrawing troops from Germany.

Cry of ‘Justice for LaRouche’ Echoes around the World

Vigils, strikes, and other actions demand the freeing of the Alexandria political prisoners.

Venezuelan Gnostics Storm Catholic Church and the Army

by Gretchen Small

A self-proclaimed Gnostic bishop, linked to the drug traffic, is accusing Lyndon LaRouche, top military officers, and leading Catholics of being a threat to Venezuela’s national security.

Priests Are Murdered while Walesa Deals

by Konstantin George

The deepening Polish crisis.

Narco-Terror Army Targets Argentina

by Cynthia R. Rush

President Alfonsín has a lot of explaining to do.

Yugoslavia on Brink of Partition or Coup

by Konstantin George

International Intelligence


Justice Department Reign of Terror

by Webster G. Tarpley

Lawless actions by federal prosecutors wielding the RICO statute have even frightened the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

Government Seeks To Silence LaRouche with Life Term for ‘Arrogance’

by Nancy Spannaus

Four substantive issues will make up the appeal of LaRouche and his six associates, who have meanwhile been jailed with extraordinarily vindictive punishments.

CIA’s Webster Joins ‘I Love Gorby’ Club

by Herbert Quinde

How the Defense Budget Cutters Are Planning Strategic Collapse

by Leo F. Scanlon

Democrats’ ‘Citizens Corps’: Slave Labor

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Will Jesse Jackson Run for D.C. Mayor?

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News