Volume 16, Number 9, February 24, 1989



Stuart Root

by Kathy Wolfe

The outgoing director of the U.S. Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation discusses the threat to the banking system.

Book Reviews

When ‘Art’ Rhymes with Okhrana

by Katherine Kanter

Recounts how the Russian bass Chaliapin was used by his controllers to subvert music. Review of Chaliapin by Victor Borovsky.

AIDS Update

New Viruses Resist Antibiotics

by John Grauerholz, M.D.

South Bronx Residents Now ‘High Risk’ Group


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Left-Wing and Right-Wing Neutralists.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Church Rips “New Age” and Carnival.

Andean Report

by Mark Sonnenblick

Villanueva and His Terrorist Friends.


Read Our Lips George: Kissinger’s Got To Go.


Verdi ‘A’ Resounds in Parma, Political Fight Begins Now

by Leonardo Servadio

Musicians are up in arms at the Italian Senate’s rejection of Verdi’s call for A=432 Hz tuning, in favor of a rotten compromise.

Renata Tebaldi To Run for European Parliament

Giuseppe Verdi: A=432 Only Scientific Tuning

by Marco Fanini

From the letters of the great composer.

When ‘Art’ Rhymes with Okhrana

by Katherine Kanter

Recounts how the Russian bass Chaliapin was used by his controllers to subvert music. Review of Chaliapin by Victor Borovsky.


The Second-Quarter Crisis Is On Its Way

by Christopher White

Foreign bankers are crying “fraud,” as the Bush budget proposal demands $150 billion in new capital inflows to prop up the U.S. budget.

FSLIC Chief Warns of Run on U.S. Banks

by Kathy Wolfe

Savings: Today’s Economic Rosetta Stone

by Stuart D. Root

Mexican Speculators Go to Jail

by Hugo López Ochoa

Currency Rates

New Zealand Heads from Radical Free Enterprise to Fascism

by Allen Douglas

Under the direction of Deputy Finance Minister Mike Moore, the country is entering “phase two” of its descent toward Mussolini-style corporatist fascism.

Mike Moore: Mussolini without a Uniform

Pakistan in a Straitjacket: Is India Next?

by Ramtanu Maitra

Brazil Rejects Foreign Bid To Grab Amazon

by Luís Barbosa


by William Engdahl

Rio Tinto Zinc Grabs Uranium Trade.


by John Grauerholz, M.D.

New Viruses Resist Antibiotics.

Business Briefs


Will Your Child Go Hungry This Year?

by Marcia Merry

World food stocks have sunk below the danger level, and prospects for increasing production are dim under current malthusian policies.

Has the World Weather System Been Destabilized?

by Carol White and Rogelio A. Maduro

The battle of the meteorologists is on.

Poor Weather Continues To Cause Damage in Key World Crop Zones

by Marcia Merry

Set-Aside Is Genocide

by Marcia Merry

A country-by-country rundown of one of the ways food output is being destroyed.


Moscow Tries Dual Tactic To Smother Ethnic Crisis

by Konstantin George

It’s a return to the old multi-party front of the immediate post-Yalta period—combined with a neo-Stalinist iron fist.

LaRouche’s Insignificance Is Growing in Venezuela

by Gretchen Small

Through interviews from his prison cell in Alexandria, Virginia, Lyndon LaRouche has become a political hot potato in Venezuela.

Documentation: Ads placed by Alejandro Peña of the Venezuelan Labor Party.

Kissinger’s Friends Targeting Bhutto

Scandal in Argentina over Government Ties to Terrorism

by Cynthia R. Rush

Behind the recent terrorist attack at La Tablada, lurks a narco-terrorist apparatus that enjoys the protection of the Alfonsín government.

Documentation: The intelligence report President Alfonsín ignored.

Soviet Religious Plan: Vilnius for Jerusalem

Resounding Defeat for Malaysia Splitters

by Sophie Tanapura

Two weeks ago, EIR warned that Malaysia’s nationhood might be at stake in a Jan. 28 vote. The outcome was encouraging.

International Intelligence


LaRouche Is Innocent, as Captain Dreyfus Was

by Friedrich-August von der Heydte

The Mainz University (West Germany) Professor of Constitutional Law offers an incisive analysis of the parallels between the recent conviction of LaRouche and six associates, and the most clamorous political trial of the last century.

LaRouche Appeal: Does the Bill of Rights Still Survive?

Kissinger Associates, Inc.: Two Birds in the Bush

by Scott Thompson and Joseph Brewda

With Brent Scowcroft running the National Security Council staff, and Lawrence Eagleburger designated for the number-two spot at the State Department, Kissinger’s crowd is back in force.

Bush Team Digs Its Own Grave, Dumps the SDI

by Leo Scanlon

The Administration is vacillating on key policy issues. The worst of it is that the SDI has become a bargaining chip—not in negotiations with the Russians, but in budget battles with the Congress.

Oliver North Goes to Trial, To Get LaRouche treatment?

by Herbert Quinde

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Soviet Economist Begs for Bailout.

National News


It has just come to our attention that the folios in our Jan. 13, 1989 issue were all erroneously dated Jan. 6, 1989, the date of the previous issue. We regret the inconvenience to readers of this production error.