Volume 16, Number 32, August 11, 1989



Aleksandr Zinoviev

by Fiorella Operto

A dissident Russian mathematician expelled from the U.S.S.R. describes the emergence of a new Stalinist “super apparat.”

Gen. T’eng Chieh

The elder statesman of the Kuomintang party in the Republic of China explains how the overseas Chinese community can weld itself into a powerful force to help overthrow the Communist regime of Deng Xiaoping. Part IV.


Report from Rome

by Giuseppe Filipponi

Return of the Vampire: Guido Carli.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

You Lend, We Pay!

Africa Report

by Marco Fanini

Revolt in Somalia.

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

U.S. Invasion Seen Imminent.

Dateline Mexico

by Isaías Amezcua

Discontent with Salinas Grows.


Wicca’s Underground Railroad Exposed.


The FBI: America’s KGB.

Book Reviews

A Terrific Book, But Where’s the Science?

by Fletcher James

Plantwatching: How Plants Remember, Tell Time, Form Relationships, and More, by Malcolm Wilkins.

New Biography of Louis Agassiz

by Stuart Lewis

Louis Agassiz: A Life In Science, by Edward Lurie.

Why Baudelaire Lied about Poe and Drugs

by Gil-Rivière-Wekstein

Contes, Essais, Poèmes, by Edgar Allan Poe, translated into French with an introduction by Claude Richard.

Profiling New York the British Way

by Matt Guice

The Bonfire of the Vanities, by Tom Wolfe.

Felix Warburg’s Magic and the Kirkland Case

by Katherine Kanter

Georges Balanchine, Ballet Master, by Richard Buckle.

Ingmar Bergman: Satanist and Nazi

by Lotta-Stina Thronell

The Magic Lantern, by Ingmar Bergman, translated from Swedish by Joan Tate.

An Odyssey through Totalitarian China

by Alice Robb

Life and Death in Shanghai, by Nien Cheng.


Moscow Uses Economy To Hasten Polish Showdown

by Konstantin George

The huge price increases announced by the Polish regime on Aug. 1 are intended to create a situation so dire, that the opposition Solidarnosc is forced to join with the Communists in crushing the popular rebellion.

Soviet Union’s ‘Reformed’ Economy Is Racked by Acute Collapse

by Rachel Douglas

The Soviet leadership’s perestroika military mobilization has done just what EIR predicted it would do to the inflexible and technology-hostile Soviet economy.

Citibank Buries Brady Debt Plan, while Debt Deal Buries Mexico

by Peter Rush

Schiller Institute Brief Seeks Criminal Probe of Greens in Italy

The Green Referendum against Pesticides

by Marion Peretti

Italian environmentalists have linked up with the Communists to gather 800,000 signatures.

Apple Producers Sued Greens in Civil Case

by Antonio Gaspari

Currency Rates


by Robert L. Baker

Yeutter “Discovers” Grain Shortage.


by John Grauerholz, M.D.

Good and Bad Cholesterol?

Business Briefs


What Has Gone Wrong with the Supreme Court?

by Edward Spannaus

The members of the Supreme Court have abandoned the criteria of natural law as set forth by the Framers of the Constitution, and have drifted into the pernicious radical nominalism of Oliver Wendell Holmes, thereby laying the legal groundwork for police-state rule in the United States. Edward Spannaus analyzes the history of the Court’s Wade v. Roe decision as a case in point.

Documentation: Case studies of the police-state methods being used against labor, the military-industrial complex, and anti-abortion political protesters.


Will U.S. Response to Hostage Crisis Be Worse than Irangate?

by Mark Burdman

Once again, a U.S. administration is misplacing its faith in Iranian “moderates” and Syrian “realists.” The Bush team sincerely believes it can use the hostage crisis to further U.S. “global condominium” deals with the Soviet Union. It is those deals, which are responsible for driving the Israelis into acts of desperation.

Kremlin Creates a Safety Valve

by Konstantin George

Boris Yeltsin’s newly founded Interregional Group may not succeed in channeling the ferment.

Menem Pardons Nationalist Leaders, but Argentina Is Still Starving

by Peter Rush

Russia, China, and U.S. Play Geopolitics at Cambodia Conference

by Linda de Hoyos

Henry Kissinger’s latest evildoing.

Sri Lanka-India Conflict Averted, as Tamil Terrorists Gain Ground

by Ramtanu Maitra

Civil War Looms in Yugoslavia

by Konstantin George

The latest Communist Central Committee meeting ended in chaos, and a final fracturing of the federation is expected by year-end.

International Intelligence


Commodity Markets Latest Police-State Target

Back in January, Lyndon LaRouche warned that if he were sent to jail at the behest of the Anglo-American financial elite, those circles would not stop there, but would eliminate any independent U.S. institutions standing in their way. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is now getting the “LaRouche treatment,” and independent savings and loan bankers are next on the hit-list.

No Summer Hiatus in Irangate Scandal

by Herbert Quinde

Bruce Rappaport, or John Poindexter, or Adrian Khashoggi could easily point out all the skeletons in the Bush Administration’s closet.

American Catholics Heading for Schism?

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Father Stallings’s renegade “Afro-American” rite in Washington, D.C. is being pushed by powerful forces who want to splinter the Church.

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Bush’s Casual Approach to the Hostages.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News