Volume 16, Number 33, August 18, 1989



John Bruce Medaris

by Marsha Freeman

Interviewed in Huntsville, Alabama, the man who led the U.S. race into space in the late 1950s looks at the problems and prospects current U.S. space efforts.

Jacques Cheminade

by Nora Hamerman

On the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, the leader of France’s European Labor Party relates that era’s best contribution to humanity, its “polytechnique” system of scientific and cultural education, to recent positive events in France.

Gen. T’eng Chieh

The elder statesman of the Kuomintang party in the Republic of China discusses how his country can serve as a catalyst for creating a new international antiCommunist movement. Concluding a five-part series.


Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

National pact against usury.


by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

Catholics in the Russian Empire.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Crackdown Feared in East Germany.


by Carol White

John Markham, Devil’s Advocate.


LaRouche Still in Jail.

Science & Technology

Medaris: The Man Who Put America into Space

by Marsha Freeman

Together with Wernher von Braun, U.S. Army General John Bruce Medaris—now Father Medaris—led the effort to build the rockets which were to put the first American satellite into space in 1958, and three years later, the first American into orbit. His 1958 proposal for a 14-year effort to establish a permanent manned outpost on the Moon provided the basis for the Kennedy space program.

Space Programs Must See Fifteen Years Ahead

Interview with Gen. John Bruce Medaris (ret.).


Now, the Food Crisis LaRouche Predicted

by Christopher White

Countries like Peru and Mexico may not be able to find the food they need—at any price.

After Debt Deal, ‘Common Market’ Hoax To Starve Mexico, Hurt U.S. Too

by Peter Rush

Half the Bush cabinet traipsed to Mexico for a photo-op and the latest “free trade” swindle, designed to sink the U.S. economy to Mexican levels, and Mexico to Iranian levels.

Currency Rates


by Robert L. Baker

Soybean Futures Prices Tumble.

Energy Insider

by John Hoefle

The Eye of the Hurricane.


by John Hoefle

The “Bailout” that Wasn’t.

International Credit

by William Engdahl

“That Little-Known BIS.”

Business Briefs


Science, Morality, and Singing Debated in Venice

by Nora Hamerman

On June 20 the Cini Foundation hosted a seminar on “Giuseppe Verdi and the Scientific Tuning Fork,” focusing on the Schiller Institute’s campaign to return to the natural, lawful tuning of middle C=256 Hz. Participants included performing artists, physicists, musicologists, and cultural figures—all leaders in their respective fields.

Tuning as the Key to Interpretation

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Where Have All the Great Voices Gone?

by Gino Bechi

By Italian baritone Gino Bechi, guest of honor at the seminar.

Music and the Curvature of Space

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Should the ‘A’ Go Lower Still? Father Pellegrino Ernetti

Abbott of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice.


Grain Harvest Emergency Heightens Gorbachov’s Woes

by Konstantin George and Rachel Douglas

The Soviet leadership has called for further emergency measures to deal with drought and overwhelming infrastructure bottlenecks.

Beijing Pivoting toward Moscow

by Linda de Hoyos

To get the sweetheart deals they used to get from the U.S.

Contras Sacrificed in Deal with Soviet

by Carlos Wesley

The Bush Administration is dumping these drug-trafficking mercenaries, or it may decide to redirect them against Panama.

Kissinger Backs the Beijing Dictatorship

The Chinese-language World Journal reports student leader Wu’er Kaixi’s challenge to Dr. K.

New Zealand: New Prime Minister: Worse than the Old

by Allen Douglas

The Leading Role of ‘Free France’ in the World Today

by Nora Hamerman

Interview with Jacques Cheminade.

International Intelligence


Is ‘Moderate’ Rafsanjani Blackmailing Bush?

by Nicholas F. Benton

The same practices for which Reagan Administration officials are being prosecuted in the Irangate affair, are now being pursued openly by Reagan’s successor in the White House.

Irangate Heats Up as Two Scandals Merge

by Herbert Quinde

Homosexual powerbroker Craig Spence points the finger at Bush’s man Donald Gregg.

LaRouche Testifies for Defense in New York Trial of Associates

by Warren J. Hamerman

Documentation: Why Henry Kissinger should take the stand.

Defense Contractor Hits Back at Use of Courts To Sabotage Defense

by Leo Scanlon

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Anti-Trust Witchhunt against Doctors.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News