Volume 16, Number 35, September 1, 1989


Book Reviews

Poland under the Hitler-Stalin Pact

by Nora Hamerman

The Unsettled Account, An Autobiography, by Eugenia Huntingdon.

The Real ‘Irangate’ Scandal Could Outdo Watergate

by Mark Burdman

October Surprise, by Barbara Honegger.

Science & Technology

Nitrates Scare Is Newest Green Assault on Farming

by Wolfgang Lillge, M.D.

These chemicals are essential to all modem farming, and that’s precisely why the environmentalists want to get rid of them. Dr. Wolfgang Lillge separates truth from fiction on the question of how nitrates affect the human organism.

Documentation: Who runs the U. S. nitrate pollution scare.

Voyager Reveals a Turbulent Neptune

by Marsha Freeman

A preliminary report written Aug. 24.


Andean Report

by Mark Sonnenblick

Venezuela Offers Oil for Debt.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Congress Presses for Debt Moratorium.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

No Phony Autonomy, but Real Freedom.


by Mark Burdman

Ozzy Is “Back in the U.S.S.R.”

Middle East Report

by Thierry Lalevée

Iran Has New Faces, Same Policy.

Report from Bangkok

by Sophie Tanapura

AIDS Crisis Breaks Out.

Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Valdez

Showdown at Cananea Copper Mine.

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

New Lies on Noriega: Sour Grapes.


Now, U.S. Must Back Colombia.


Bush, Baker Plan Huge Soviet Economic Bailout

by Scott Thompson

The biggest item on the table at the upcoming meeting of Secretary James Baker and Eduard Shevardnadze, will be the “Wyoming Accords,” a plan to infuse huge amounts of Western credit and technology in order to open the “Soviet market.” It can’t possibly work.

Currency Rates

How To Build a Bridge in ‘Europe 1992’

by Poul Rasmussen

Denmark wants to build it, EC bureaucracy wants to sink it.

How the International Banks Are Looting Colombia’s Ecopetrol

by Javier Almario

Potentially vast oil reserves are drained to pay the debt—by the same multinationals funding the terrorist National Liberation Army (ELN), which is bombing the pipelines!

Elderly Are Told To Welcome Euthanasia

by Linda Everett


by Robert L. Baker

The Fraud of “Rural Development.”

Business Briefs


The Sun Yat-Sen Program and China’s Development Today

by Ramtanu Maitra

The infrastructure development program laid out almost 80 years ago by China’s foremost patriot, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, has not been implemented to this day, and current “free market” efforts of the Communist dictatorship will only make matters worse. Ramtanu Maitra investigates what would actually be required to make China into a modern industrialized republic.

Sun Yat-Sen’s 1927 Ten-Point Program


Colombia Counterattacks against the Drug Mafia

by Valerie Rush

The assassination of Presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán has galvanized the Colombian government to dramatically reverse its acquiescence to the cocaine cartels.

Documentation: Crimes of Colombia’s narcoterrorist mafia, hypocrisy of the State Department.

Baltic resistance defies Moscow threats

What It Will Take To Save Poland

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Analyzes the tasks facing the new non-Communist Polish leadership.

Poland’s Last Chance

by Konstantin George

Text of Secret Protocols to the 1939 Hitler-Stalin Pact

Lebanon: War Ahead in Middle East?

by Thierry Lalevée

Washington betrays Lebanon again.

Crimes Against Humanity: For a New International Nuremberg Tribunal

by Jean-Marc Varaut

A call for action on the Lebanon crisis issued by French attorney Jean-Marc Varaut.

International Intelligence


The Tide Turns against Corrupt U.S. Prosecutors

by Mel Klenetsky

The shining armor of former U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani in New York has become tarnished indeed, with the latest revelations about his Gestapo-like methods of politically motivated prosecutions. Many now demand an end to the racketeering law which this “new breed” of public prosecutor is using against everyone except the actual racketeers.

‘Get LaRouche’ Task Force: Illinois Prosecutor Uses Methods of Deng Xiaoping, Indicts Opponents

Documentation: A statement by Michael Null, the attorney defending three LaRouche associates — Who’s behind the new “Get LaRouche” drive.

Virginia Coal Miners Get Unusual Support

by Nancy Spannaus

Justice On Trial: The Case of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald

by Carol White

Was a Satanic cult murder covered up?

Kissinger Watch

by M.T. Upharsin

An Excremental Contribution Is Made.

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Bush Reveals Patrician Fantasy.

National News