Volume 16, Number 42, October 20, 1989



Dr. Lauro Monteiro Filho

by Lorenzo Carrasco

The chief of pediatric services of the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital in Rio de Janeiro and president of the Brazilian Association for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, describes how the next generation of Brazilians is being devastated.

John Cox

by Suzanne Klebe

An official of the United Mine Workers from West Virginia discusses the union’s bitter strike against the Pittston Coal Group.

Science & Technology

EPA Joins Nitrate Pollution Offensive against Farming

by Marcia Merry

Exposes how the same crowd that started the scare over nitrates in meats is now claiming that farming is causing nitrates to pollute ground water.

Nitrates and Nitrites as Components of the Normal Environment

by Thomas H. Jukes

Disproved the nitrates naysayers, in this paper which he wrote in 1976.


Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Toward a New Neo-Liberal Era?

Andean Report

by Gretchen Small

Drug Lobby Calls on Sachs’s Services.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Labor Scares East German Communists.

Northern Flank

by Tore Fredin

Socialists Out in Norway.

From New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

The Price of Populism.

Kissinger Watch

by M.T. Upharsin

Kissinger’s Teflon Gets Scratched.


LaRouche, “Hands On.”


LaRouche Breaks the Story: The Great Depression Is On!

by Nancy Spannaus

LaRouche was right, where his opponents among the economic “experts” were wrong. Isn’t it time that the American people elected leaders who knew what they were doing in the economy?

Flying Saucers Near Moscow?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

On Alan Greenspan’s visit to Moscow.

Mexican President Is All Show, No Action

by Carlos Cota Meza

Salinas’s trip to the U.S. was supposed to formalize economic deals-it flunked.

Greenspan Sparks No-Win Debate

by Stephen Parsons

Hurricane Hugo: Lesson in Physical Economy

by John Hoefle

American Airlift Capability in Doubt

by Anthony K. Wikrent

Debt Payment Policy Is Killing Brazil’s Children

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Currency Rates

China’s Crazed Population Policy Spurs Western Backing for Beijing

by Mary McCourt Burdman

International Credit

by William Engdahl

Britain, Again Europe’s “Sick Man.”

Business Briefs


Pre-war Dynamic Accompanies Soviet Breakdown Crisis

by Konstantin George

The Pentagon proclaims that the Soviet threat is the lowest in the postwar period, and Moscow announces that it has scrapped its offensive military strategy in favor of a new “defensive doctrine.” What a fraud! Konstantin George analyzes the latest developments in the reorganization of the Soviet military command for war.

‘Soviet Military Power’: Another Wishful Coverup

by Leo F. Scanlon

The authors of the new Pentagon report were so anxious to ignore reality, that they even deleted the word spetsnaz from the index. An evaluation.


Panama Names Noriega ‘Conductor of New Republic’

by Carlos Wesley

“The fight is because the U.S. wants the geographic space of the Republic of Panama to carry out aggression against other nations and to establish control over the geopolitics of Latin America.”

Transcaucasus Goes into Civil War Phase

by Luba George

The cynical Kremlin leaders are allowing Azerbaijan to blockade neighboring Armenia, as well as clashes in neighboring Georgia.

E. Germany ‘Celebrates’ Its 40th Anniversary with Bloody Crackdown

Argentine Military Pardoned by Menem

by Cynthia R. Rush

Drug Legalizers Assail Colombian President

by José Restrepo

Anti-Drug? or Anti-Military?

A profile of Gen. Miguel Maza Marquez

Why Tavistock Brainwashers Hate Lyndon LaRouche

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Part II of “30 Years of Menticide.”

Anglo-Soviet Occultists To Meet in London

by Mark Burdman

International Intelligence


Supreme Court Backs RICO Use against Political Groups

by Leo Scanlon

The court’s refusal to hear the appeal of anti-abortion protesters convicted under the “racketeering” statute, means that constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and political association are rendered meaningless.

President Bush Called On To Release Facts that Would Exonerate LaRouche

by Warren J. Hamerman

Documentation: Declassify the “Get LaRouche” file!

Pittston’s Confrontation Tactics Doomed To Fail in Today’s World

by Suzanne Klebe

Even Shamir Now Putting Distance between Israel and the ADL

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Leaders of the Anti-Defamation League are getting worried, as some of their political dirty tricks are exposed.

Dangerous Forensic Psychiatry Kooks Run FBI Criminologists

by Herbert Quinde

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News


An error of calculation appeared in the Agriculture column last week. The figures of 0.07% and 0.0 13% of wells testing with 310 mg/L of nitrates and greater than 10 mg/L of nitrates respectively, should have been 7% and 13%.