Volume 16, Number 47, November 24, 1989



Lt. Gen. Jörg Zumstein

by Michael Liebig and Laurent Murawiec

The former Chief of the General Staff of the Swiss army warns against yielding to a political drive in Switzerland to deprive the nation of an army to defend itself.


Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Narco-Finances in Brazil.

Dateline Mexico

by Rubén Cota Meza

Salinas “Informe,” a String of Lies.

From New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

Sinhala Terrorist Group Decapitated.

Andean Report

by Andrea Olivieri

M-19: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

OAS Gives Lukewarm Support to U.S.


No More Balance of Power Politics.


German Unification Could Spark Economic Recovery

The fears expressed by Wall Street wizards and London financiers about the grave dangers of a unified Germany dominating Central Europe, are so irrational, that it’s clear they’re more interested in money than in real economics. Economist Lyndon LaRouche gives some advice.

Poland’s Illegitimate Debt Problem

by William Engdahl

On top of Soviet looting and communist mismanagement, Poland got hooked by the same 1979 Western debt trap as Ibero-America.

Argentina’s Menem Faces Growing Strife

by Cynthia R. Rush

Currency Rates

America’s Pension Funds Are in Jeopardy

by John Hoefle

Bankers Won’t Invest in Aged Shipping Fleet

by Anthony K. Wikrent


by Robert L. Baker

“Free Trade” Is Killing Farmers.

Business Briefs


The World Food Crisis Is Here: Will War Follow?

by Marcia Merry

The third international Food for Peace conference, held in Chicago on Nov. 4-5, could be the turning-point in efforts to halt the willful sabotage of agricultural production which is bringing the globe ever closer to general war. Summaries and extracts of speeches delivered at that conference lay out the depth of the crisis as well as the policies needed to reverse it.

Make 1990s a Decade To End Starvation

by Rosa Tennenbaum

International Farmers Report: Where the World Food Crisis Stands Now

U.S. Agriculture Dept. Turns Green

by Marcia Merry

Farmers, Eaters Report: The Crisis of U.S. Food Production

Save the Family Farmer!

Resolution passed by the Pennsylvania NAACP.


Poland, Germany, France at the Core of Changes in Central Europe

by Rainer Apel

Out of the political shambles of the postwar order, a great new political alliance is emerging in Central Europe, bringing hope that true economic and political justice can prevail.

British, Soviets Team Up against Germany

by Mark Burdman

Gorbachov Postpones Reform Agenda

by Konstantin George

Why Beijing Fears the Berlin Upheaval

by Mary McCourt Burdman

Pacific Soviet ‘New Thinking’ Not Matching Deeds in Military Sector

by Argus

By guest columnist “Argus.”

Socialist International Maps Out New Plan To Help Communist Parties

by Mark Burdman

Political Stalemate Continues in Pakistan

by Ramtanu Maitra

Peruvians Vote Mandate for Total War on Shining Path Terrorists

by Mark Sonnenblick

Documentation: Mario Vargas Llosa, Pornographer and Worse.

ADC Exposes Pro-Drug Samper in Sweden

by Ulf Sandmark

The ‘Tiny’ Rowland File

Part III of a series.

International Intelligence


Lech Walesa Calls for Marshall Plan for Poland

by William Jones

But all he has received so far, is symbolic gestures, instead of the massive economic assistance Poland really needs.

Drug Lobby Plans Counterattack on Behalf of Pot, Cocaine Cartels

The plans unveiled at the Drug Policy Foundation’s Nov. 2-4 conference are a major threat to national security.

Did the U.S. Have Advance Warning of the Lockerbie Bomb Plot?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Documentation: The investigative report on PanAm Flight 103 released by Congressman Traficant.

Defendants in New York ‘LaRouche’ Case File Motion for New Trial

The dismissal of the government’s fraudulent involuntary bankruptcy action, opens up new possibilities for a fair trial.

5 Million Leaflets To Tell of Bostetter Ruling

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

Democratic Hawks Sharpen Talons.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News