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Volume 16, Number 48, December 1, 1989

Cover of EIR Volume 16, Number 48, December 1, 1989

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Edward Nishnic  

by Irene Beaudry

The son-in-law of John Demjanjuk describes the battle for justice in the case of a Soviet target.


Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

Peak of East German Crisis Lies Ahead.

Northern Flank  

by Göran Haglund

The Condominium’s Little Errand Boy.

Andean Report  

by Luis Ernesto Vásquez

Peru Doesn’t Want To Fight Drugs.


Mrs. Thatcher’s “I Love Gorby” Movement.

Science & Technology

Solid-State Fusion: A Great Moment in Science  

by Hal Fox

Solid-state fusion—“cold” fusion—is the most important discovery in this century and merits our best thinking, planning, and cooperation. Unfortunately, the idea was promulgated that the Fleischmann-Pons Effect was simple to replicate. Fusion Facts editor Hal Fox explains why such is not the case.

What Fusion Theory Must Explain  

by Hal Fox

Hal Fox Biography  

Experiments Show Anomalies Occurring  

Remarks from the Oct. 18 press conference on the Workshop on Anomalous Effects in Deuterated Materials sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Electric Power Research Institute.

In Memory of Dr. Robert Moon  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Eulogizes a great man whom we shall greatly miss.


Greenspan Isn’t Preparing for Christmas  

by Christopher White

With the new drop in interest rates, Greenspan is edging crabwise toward the full-blown hyperinflationary explosion that jailed economist Lyndon LaRouche warned of in September.

Vatican Conference Gives Hope in Fight against AIDS  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Mexican Government Desperate after Failure of Much-Touted Brady Plan  

by Héctor Apolinar

Since September, numerous bankers have rejected Bush’s pleadings, insisting that Brady’s offer to reduce other nations’ foreign debts is like betting at poker with someone else’s hand.

Brazil’s Voters Face Economic Crossroads  

by Lorenzo Carrasco Bazúa

On Nov. 15, when 82 million Brazilians voted in the first direct Presidential election in 29 years, their republic was exactly 100 years old.

Currency Rates  

Washington Cuts Food Bank Donations, as Local Agencies Plead for Relief  

by Marcia Merry

HOPE To Subsidize Real Estate Market  

by Stephen Parsons

Domestic Credit  

by John Hoefle

Wall Street Discovers the “Recession.”


by Robert L. Baker

“Big Brother” Hawks Zero Growth.

Business Briefs  


Friedrich List and the Program for Europe Today  

by Anton Chaitkin

Back on the agenda: the ideas of economist Friedrich List, the leading continental European foe of Adam Smith and Karl Marx, whose notion of national economy was based on the American System, and whose 200th birthday occurs this year.

Friedrich List’s Collaboration with Republican Circles in France  

by Laurent Murawiec

Speech to the June 10 conference on Friedrich List sponsored by the Patriots for Germany.

The New Railroad Boom beyond the Elbe  

by Rainer Apel


Moscow Could Still Decide To Crush the Revolution  

by Konstantin George and John Sigerson

Fidel Castro’s military offensives in El Salvador demonstrate that the hardliners may force a drastic shift in Moscow between now and mid-January.

EC Summit Paralyzed by Thatcher, IMF  

by Paolo Raimondi

Anyone who has witnessed the collapse of the “free market” economy in the U.S. knows such policies have no place in a serious revival of Europe’s physical economy.

Soviets On Rampage against German Unity  

by Mark Burdman and Konstantin George

Castro Unleashes El Salvador War  

by Mark Sonnenblick

Chinese Premier Li Peng Completes Image-Building Trip to South Asia  

by Ramtanu Maitra and Susan Maitra

Russian Chauvinism—The Real Danger of a Fascist Resurgence Today  

by Luba George

Ukrainian Nationalists Reject Anti-Semitism  

Lockerbie Coverup May Be Cracking  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Car-Bomb in Beirut: Will Lebanon Survive?  

Documentation: A letter to the Lebanese throughout the world, by Prime Minister Gen. Michel Aoun.

International Intelligence  


Bush Defense Cuts Increase War Danger  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The kinds of cuts being demanded will render the U.S. military capable only of “special operations,” such as those envisaged by the infamous Wohlstetter Report of 1988.

The Dwayne Andreas File: How the ADL Works for Moscow  

by Scott Thompson

Not only are the Anti-Defamation League’s top funders and controllers not Jewish—they are all set to trade the fate of persecuted Jewish refuseniks for fat profits in Soviet trade.

Congressional Closeup  

by William Jones

National News  

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