Volume 17, Number 5, January 26, 1990



Prof. Adrian Vasilake

by Leonardo Servadio

The founder of the Committee for the Rebirth of Romania, interviewed in Milan, discusses plans for rebuilding the country’s ruined physical economy.

Yue Wu

by Gil-Rivière-Wekstein

Of the thousands of workers who stood alongside students in the Tiananmen Square democracy demonstrations, the deputy head of the Beijing Autonomous Union of Workers, interviewed in Paris, is one of a very few who escaped from mainland China.

Book Reviews

An Unfinished Requiem for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

by David Shavin

A violinist and researcher into the history of stringed instruments, reviews 1791, Mozart’s Last Year, and Mozart: The Golden Years 1781-1791, by H.C. Robbins Landon.

Science & Technology

CO<sub>2</sub> Increase Could Benefit Earth’s Biosphere

by Sherwood Idso and Rogelio A. Maduro

Research physicist Sherwood Idso not only debunks the “global warming” cult, but says that an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could help us grow greater quantities of food over greater parts of the globe.


From New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

Setting the Value of Human Life.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

A Genuine Labor Strike Movement.

Dateline Mexico

by Héctor Apolinar

New Financial Blackmail.

Andean Report

by José Restrepo

Colombia’s Drug Mafia Strikes Back.

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

Accused Narco Was CIA Bagman.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Superpowers Eyeing Amazon, Too?


“Yankee Go Home.”


Campeau’s Bankruptcy Is Harbinger of Raging Storm

by Anthony K. Wikrent

It was expected, of course, but but no amount of crisis-management can halt the waves of bank failures which will come in its wake.

The Planned Disintegration of the Savings and Loan Industry

by John Hoefle

Currency Rates

Japan’s Premier in Overture to Europe

by Uwe Henke v. Parpart

Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu concentrated on Bonn and Paris—not London.


by John Hoefle

Washington Changes the Rules.


by Robert L. Baker

Land Trusts Grab Foreclosed Farmland.

Business Briefs


Restore Justice to the Lawless World of Kissinger and Bush

by Warren J. Hamerman

There’s a red thread through the Bush Administration’s Panama invasion and its refusal to release documents incriminating the Iran-Contra honchos and exonerating Lyndon LaRouche: total disdain for the U.S. Constitution and the principles on which it is based. Warren Hamerman reviews the case of the secret government’s “Get LaRouche” operations.

Classified Information Was Withheld in the Iran-Contra and LaRouche Trials

A fact sheet reviewing the kinds of exculpatory documents that the “secret government” has refused to release.


Soviets Bring Transcaucasus Troops to ‘Wartime Strength’

by Konstantin George

With glasnost and perestroika dead and buried, Moscow may use the latest crisis to take a big bite out of Iran.

Transcaucasus Shadow Looms over Lithuania

by Mark Burdman

Soviet ‘Ecologism’ for Export Only

by Mark Burdman

Will the U.S. Invade Mexico Next? CIA, DEA and NBC in the Camarena Case

by Isaías Amezcua

U.S. Starts ‘Noriega Treatment’ on Mexico

by Carlos Valdez

What Price the Invasion of Panama?

Documentation: Appeals by Panamanian Defense Forces foreign affairs secretary Nils Castro and by Cecilio Simon, dean of the Faculty of Public Administration, Panama.

Anti-Drug Summit Talks: Andean Countries Face U.S. ‘Big Stick’

by Valerie Rush

P.R.C. Tries To Shift to Offshore Defense

Land Scammers Feast on Middle East

by Jeffrey Steinberg

International Intelligence


D.C. Conference Shapes Worldwide Fight for Rights

by Marianna Wertz

The Third Martin Luther King Tribunal brought together in the nation’s capital all the leadership elements required to form a single powerful mass movement for human dignity and freedom.

Martin Luther King Freedom Day Tribunal

LaRouche Discusses Freedom and Economy The congressional candidate’s in absentia address to the Martin Luther King Tribunal.

Neil ‘Ceausescu’ Hartigan Uses Gestapo Tactics against Petition Signers in Illinois

by Patricia Salisbury

Bush Administration Courts Greens, Kooks

by Mark Burdman

Military Strategist Refutes Wohlstetter Doctrine

by Leo F. Scanlon

Further Clinical Insanity: Scowcroft Would Ban MX

The ‘Get LaRouche’ Task Force: Next Virginia Trial Begins against Phau

Eye on Washington

by Nicholas F. Benton

“Experts” Fantasize about Europe.

National News


There were two errors of identification in our Jan. 19 issue. On p. 26, Edgar Paul Boyko is the former Attorney General of the state of Alaska, and the program on which he made his remarks about the Dukakis campaign’s refusal to hear reports of an alleged Bush-narcotics connection, was aired over station KEAG in Alaska. He also has a law office in San Diego. On p. 41, Roman Rojas Cabot, a distinguished Venezuelan journalist, was mistakenly identified as a retired general. In our Jan. 12 issue, we omitted the byline of the article, “The hypocrisy of UNICEF.” The author is Linda C. Everett.