Volume 17, Number 14, March 30, 1990



Renate Rumpf

An activist with the Patriots for Germany party gives a first-hand report on what East Germans are really thinking about.

Aleksandras Abisalas

by William Jones

A leader of the Sajudis Lithuanian Independence Party says the U.S. should at least specify its conditions for recognizing his nation’s independence.

Book Reviews

India Braces for New Dope, Inc. Assault

by Susan Maitra

The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Laws of India, by B.V. Dumer and R.K. Tewari.


Andean Report

by Mark Sonnenblick

IMF Liberalism Loses Ground in Peru.

Report from Rome

by Leonardo Servadio

Communist Party: The New “Thing”?

Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Cota

IMF’s “Mexican model” Set To Blow.

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

U.S. Government’s Drug Links Deepen.


Sovereign Lithuania Must Be Supported.

Science & Technology

Clean up Eastern Europe’s Pollution by MHD Technology

by Marsha Freeman

One of the most promising plasma technologies of the 21st century, magnetohydrodynamics can rid Eastern Europe of its choking coal-soot without shutting down its industry, as the environmentalists and “shock therapists” are advising. Marsha Freeman reports.


What If Japan Suddenly Pulled the Plug on the U.S.?

by William Engdahl

George Bush can only blame Japan’s big trade surplus on himself and the anti-industrial Establishment he represents.

Currency Rates

Federal Government Set To Become Junk Bond Kingpins

by Stephen Parsons

The Auto Industry in the U.S. and Japan: What Makes the Difference?

by Anthony K. Wikrent

For the Japanese, technology is not a dirty word.

Brazil’s President Uses Economic ‘Shock’ Program against Speculators

by Peter Rush

IPPF Malthusians Outline Their Plans for Global Genocide in the 1990s

by Jutta Dinkermann

CIA Banking Comes under Scrutiny

by Herbert Quinde


by Marcia Merry

The Fraud of “Earth Day.”

Business Briefs


East Germans Vote for Freedom, against Socialism

by Rainer Apel

The overwhelming vote for the Christian Democrats makes early reunification of the two Germanies a near-certainty. Now Germans have to settle down to the work of building their leg of the Central European industrial triangle.

Germany’s Revolution Has Just Begun

Interview with an activist with the Patriots for Germany party, which played a crucial role in the March 18 victory.

German Unity Seen as ‘the Logic of History’

Kohl, Mitterrand, LaRouche, and others on the election results.

Jews and German Unity: A Happily Dissenting View

by Prof. Michael Wolffsohn

How Germany Can Quickly Reunify

Toward a New Preamble to Germany’s Basic Law

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche


Lithuania Blames West’s Cowardice for Crisis

by Konstantin George

As Russian troops gathered in and around the Baltic republic, it became clear that Bush and Britain’s Maggie Thatcher were dead-set on repeating the mistakes which Neville Chamberlain made with Hitler in 1938.

U.S. Must Recognize Independent Lithuania

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Independence Votes Sweep the U.S.S.R.

by Konstantin George

Hungary’s Intellectuals Appeal to Romanians

End Approaches for Thatcher’s Dark Age

by Mark Burdman

Great Britain’s Conservatives were roundly whipped in by-elections in Mid-Staffordshire.

Constitutional Crisis in Scotland: A Prelude to Independence?

by Katherine Kanter

New Terror Wave Brings Chaos Back to Colombia

by Andrea Olivieri

Military Unrest Adds to Argentine Crisis

by Cynthia R. Rush

International Intelligence


Bush Pacifies Czar Mikhail, Plots against U.S. Allies

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The only strong stand taken by the U.S. President was on broccoli.

Spannaus Campaign Challenges Virginia’s ‘Bush Democrats’

Cardinal O’Connor’s Attack on Satanism

Beleaguered SDI Effort at Crossroads

by Leo F. Scanlon

ADL Goes on Jap-Bashing Spree

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Budget Back Channel Revives Austerity Blueprint

by Andrew Rotstein

Dan Rostenkowski presents a new way to arrange the deck-chairs on the Titanic.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News