Volume 17, Number 25, June 15, 1990



Stanley Adams

by Harley Schlanger

The former owner of one of the biggest Texas savings and loan institutions tells how the government destroyed the S&Ls and then used the Justice Department to pin the blame on “corrupt managers.”

Gjon Gjomarkaj

by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

The chief of Vatican Radio’s Albanian-language radio programming says Albania’s desperate need for Western aid is what drove its leaders to ask to join the Helsinki Accords.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Food for Unity.

Report from Rome

by Antonio Gaspari

“How We Beat the Green Referendum.”

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

U.S. Orders Panama To Forgo Army.

Andean Report

by Mark Sonnenblick

Presidential Election Impasse.


The Oligarchy’s New Order.


Trump Empire Totters, with Banks Not Far Behind

by John Hoefle

Far from being a self-made “high-roller,” Donald Trump is a creation of the networks that financed his acquisitions—and that will go down with him.

Tuberculosis, in Link with AIDS, Is Now Number-One Killer

by Garance Upham Phau

TB’s spectacular comeback was the subject of an international conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

Disease in the Ghetto: Who Will Pay the Bill?

by Garance Upham Phau

Targeted S&L Director Did Not ‘Play Politics’

by Harley Schlanger

Interview with Stanley Adams, former owner of Lamar Savings Association of Austin, Texas.

Currency Rates

Sovereignty Is Non-Negotiable, Brazilian Army Tells Superpowers

by Lorenzo Carrasco and Cynthia R. Rush

Documentation: Excerpts from 1990-2000: The Vital Decade, a strategy report by Brazil’s Superior War College; and a commentary from Brazil’s retired Army officers.

Vital Decade Is Outline for Pope John Paul II’s ‘Third Way’

Semiconductor Industry Is At Risk

by Mark Wilsey

Oregon Program Will Cut Life-Saving Care

by Linda Everett


by Marcia Merry

One Ethiopian Child Dies Each Minute.

Business Briefs


Can Australia Beat the Anglo-American Economic Collapse?

Within 10 years or less, Australia’s economy will suffer a catastrophic collapse, unless it drastically shifts away from low-intensity land use and into much higher rates of per capita and per hectare energy throughput. EIR’s economics staff presents a portion of a draft comprehensive program for Australia, based on principles and criteria specified by the world’s leading physical economist, Lyndon LaRouche.


Who’s Afraid of Boris Nikolayevich?

by Webster G. Tarpley

The rise of Boris Yeltsin to the Presidency of the Russian Republic reflects the fact that even the core of the Soviet empire is being swept up by the revolutionary transformations which began in China and Eastern Europe.

The ‘Gorbachov Myth’ Died at the Washington Summit

by William Jones

Rotten ‘Partnership’ in Central America

by Gretchen Small

British Jews, House of Lords Rebuff ADL-OSI ‘War Crimes’ Legislation

by Mark Burdman

Prince Philip: More Beasts, Fewer Humans

by Mark Burdman

‘China’s People Are Looking for a Spark’

by Mary McCourt Burdman

Chai Ling: Don’t Forget the Martyrs of Tiananmen Square

by Chai Ling

War-Cries over the Asian Subcontinent

by Ramtanu Maitra

Media Pronounce Narco-Terrorist Cult the Future of Ibero-America

by Andrea Olivieri

Canada’s High Court Weighs Free Speech

Mideast: No War, No Peace, More Crisis

by Thierry Lalevée

International Intelligence


New Coalition for Human Rights Mapped Out in U.S.

by Nancy Spannaus and Christina Nelson Huth

On the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, 350 activists gathered in Washington, D.C. to found the Schiller Institute Coalition for Human Rights, dedicated to the sacredness of the human individual and the principle of reason, as embodied in creative science and great classical art.

Excerpts from LaRouche’s Remarks

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Charges Highlighted by NBC Slander Dropped against LaRouche Associates

A humiliating defeat for the “Get LaRouche” task force in Ogle County, Illinois.

Schumacher Admits Unprofessional Conduct

Defense Policy: Budget Cuts and Summit Failure Open Way for Soviet Campaign against NATO

by Leo F. Scanlon

Thornburgh Role in Kidnap Plot Exposed

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Barry Targeted in Political Witchhunt

by Debra Hanania Freeman

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News


One error slipped through the editing process of “The power of 256,” Lyndon LaRouche’s essay on the occasion of the June 6 concert in Washington by violinist Norbert Brainin and pianist Günter Ludwig. On page 66, the second part of the last sentence in the fourth paragraph in the second column, concerning register shift, should read: “... at A=440+, the F lies in the relatively higher register, and the register passage is from E to F natural (except by straining the voice, and shortening the life of that voice).”