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Volume 17, Number 28, July 6, 1990

Cover of EIR Volume 17, Number 28, July 6, 1990

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Hugh Ellsaesser  

by Rogelio A. Maduro

A leading atmospheric scientist, formerly of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, exposes the potential cost, in countless lives, of the ban on CFCs.

Robert Alexander  

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

A consultant on radiation protection and health effects dispels some of the sacred myths of the anti-nuclear movement.

Mateo Mychajlo Havryliv  

by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

A leader of the outlawed Ukrainian Uniate (Catholic) Church, in Rome for a meeting with the Pope, says that Gorbachov’s glasnost has allowed them to celebrate mass without fear of arrest, but little more than that.

Father Giovanni Cavalcoli  

A Dominican priest and expert on European affairs, looking ahead to the 1991 special Synod, calls for a revival of Classical culture.


Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

Inside the “Productive Triangle.”


by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

Europe’s Task: To Keep the Peace.

Dateline Mexico  

by Carlos Cota Meza

What Does Negroponte Do?

Panama Report  

by Carlos Wesley

U.S. Seeks To Outlaw Security Forces.

Kissinger Watch  

by M.T. Upharsin

Dr. K, Bilderbergers Push George’s Tax Hike.


Mideast War Alert.

Science & Technology

Debunking Media Myths about the Ozone Layer  

by Rogelio A. Maduro

Part II of Dr. Hugh W. Ellsaesser’s demonstration that from every competent scientific standpoint, the thesis that chlorofluorocarbons are destroying the ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere is pure bunk.

Nuclear Radiation: Facts Versus Scare Stories  

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

The scaremongers about the dangers of radiation from nuclear plants are simply playing on people’s ignorance of the physical nature of radiation.


What Ought To Be on the Houston Agenda  

by Christopher White

The Group of Seven is having its annual economic summit, and President Bush is bringing with him the disastrous doctrines of free enterprise and radical environmentalism. Meanwhile, Rome burns.

McNamara on Crusade for Genocide in Africa  

by Mark Burdman

Asian AIDS Epidemic To Rival Africa  

by Mary McCourt Burdman

East Germans Form Association for Independent Agriculture  

by Rosa Tennenbaum

Currency Rates  

Bush’s Free Trade Pact Means Genocide  

by Valerie Rush

No one will gain if all Ibero-America is turned into one huge runaway sweatshop.

Brazil’s President Opts for Chaos  

by Peter Rush

Europe’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle: A Bottleneck to Economic Growth  

by William Engdahl

The Gutting of America: Investment in Electricity Generation Dries Up  

by Anthony K. Wikrent


by Marcia Merry

A Farm Bill To Wipe Out Agriculture.

Energy Insider  

by Rogelio A. Maduro

The Bush Offshore Drilling Ban.

Business Briefs  


Who Is Responsible for America’s Banking Crisis?  

There is no way a bunch of crooks could have caused the collapse of 791 U.S. banks since 1985. It happened because of deliberate decisions made by both Democratic and Republican governments over more than a decade. And every step of the way. EIR and its founder Lyndon LaRouche were issuing warnings that the result would be the crisis we have today. EIR’s Economics Staff reviews the record of who was right, and who was wrong.

LaRouche’s TV Broadcasts  


Five Non-Russian Republics Declare Their Sovereignty  

by Konstantin George

While the Western media tried to keep the spotlight on Gorbachov, the real news was elsewhere in the Soviet Union, where a new form of Russian imperial system is shaping up.

A Look at Russia’s New Parties  

What Lies Ahead for the Ukrainian Church?  

by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

Interview with Father Mateo Mychajlo Havryliv.

Peru’s Shining Path: Near the End?  

by Luis Vásquez Medina

Canada Is Dissolved; Is the U.S. Next?  

IMF Tells Argentina’s Armed Forces To Disappear  

by Cynthia R. Rush

Khmer Rouge on the March in Cambodia  

by Linda de Hoyos and Uwe Henke v. Parpart

Sri Lankan Civil War Adds to Instability of South Asia  

by Ramtanu Maitra and Susan Maitra

Prince Philip Apes Adolf Hitler’s Creed  

by Mark Burdman

Animal Rights: The New Nazism  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

International Intelligence  


Outrage Grows as Voters Read George Bush’s Lips  

by William Jones

The White House miscalculated that public reactions would blow over in 24 hours after the President broke his campaign promise of no new taxes. There’s no disagreement at the top of our one-party system—but at the bottom, anger is building up.

Murder, Suicide, Starvation, Death: U.S. Supreme Court Protects Them All  

by Linda Everett

Mandela Raises Hopes, Funds in New York  

by Dennis Speed

Strike Force Demands that LaRouche Not Leave Jail Alive  

Americans Reject Bush Defense Plan  

by Leo F. Scanlon

Congressional Closeup  

by William Jones

National News  

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