Volume 17, Number 30, July 27, 1990



Fred Wojtalik

by David Cherry

The project manager for the Space Telescope Project says it’s too early to tell exactly why the telescope’s mirror is distorted.

Msgr. Sofron Dmyterko

by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

A bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church tells of his 23 years in prison in the Soviet Union, and the just-concluded Ukrainian meeting with the Pope in Rome.

Book Reviews

Economics as Soap Opera Won’t Wash

by Christopher White

The Politics of Rich and Poor: Wealth and the American Electorate in the Reagan Aftermath, by Kevin Phillips.


Andean Report

by Carlos Cota Meza

Venezuela Pumps Strategic Oil Reserve.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Collor Surrenders Sovereignty.


The Real Criminals behind the S&L Crisis.

Science & Technology

Water Development Projects Can Keep California Green

by Brian Lantz and Marcia Merry

Thanks to the current reign of environmentalism and eco-terrorism, parts of California are on the verge of turning back into desert, despite the fact that most Californians consider it urgent to build more dams, canals, and reservoirs—many of which have been on the drawing boards for decades.

Water Is Life Itself to California Agriculture

Water Projects Can Solve the Crisis

by Dave Kilber and Marcia Merry

No Legal Right to Water Means No Right to Life

How the courts are wrecking economic infrastructure.

Conservation Foundation Stopped Water Projects


U.S. Regime ‘In Despair’ as Depression Looms

by Anthony K. Wikrent

It’s getting harder to fake the statistics, now that tens of of thousands are being thrown out of work.

LaRouche: ‘American System’ Is the Only Hope for U.S. and Britain

Documentation: The Guardian: List refutes Adam Smith.

High-speed Rail System Would Mean a Renaissance for Africa

by A.A.A. Sakho

A Guinean transportation engineer argues that if France, West Germany, and Japan could build up their national economies, African nations can unite to do it too, if they massively expand the continent’s rail network.

Currency Rates


by Marcia Merry

Farmers Must Be Allowed To Produce.

Business Briefs


Kohl, Gorbachov Rebuff Bush ‘Flea Market’

by Rainer Apel

There was much rug-chewing in Washington and London as Germany and the Soviet Union discussed massive increases in trade relations, bypassing the bankrupt international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund. But Kohl and Gorbachov will fail unless the West’s economic collapse is reversed.

Documentation: The eight points agreed upon on July 16 by West German Chancellor Kohl and Soviet President Gorbachov.

The New Political Parties in Russia

by Rachel Douglas

What are they like? What do they want?

‘Time of Troubles’ Haunts Russia Again

by Rachel Douglas

Chaotic times reminiscent of the 1918-21 Civil War are inevitable, with hunger rampant and millions on the move.

Fuel Shortage Strands Crops in the Field

by Rachel Douglas


‘Ridley Affair’ Is Fiasco for British Establishment

by Mark Burdman

Far from being the ravings of an isolated crank, British Trade Minister Nicholas Ridley’s comparison of West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl to Adolf Hitler was a signal that Britain’s decadent Establishment has slipped into a “Falklands War mode,” driving it to do anything it thinks might stop continental Europe from breaking with the London and New York banks.

Bush Cripples Colombia’s Drug War

by Andrea Olivieri

ADL, No Friend of Israel, Peddles War

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Saudi Role in Asia a Concern for India

by Ramtanu Maitra

Ukraine Declares National Sovereignty

by Konstantin George

In Mongolia, Too, Change Is On the Way

by Lydia Cherry

Peru’s García Accused of Helping Terrorists

by Luis Ernesto Vásquez

U.K. Chief Rabbi Rips Animal Rights as Nazi

by Mark Burdman

‘Animal Rights’ Promotes Starvation

by Marcia Merry

Part III of a series on this neo-Hitlerian movement.

International Intelligence


Budget Summit Hits a Snag in Its Drive for Austerity

by William Jones

After nine years of “prosperity,” not to mention “peace” breaking out all over the place, now the bad news about the economy is being used to force bipartisan agreement on fascist austerity. The main monkey wrench is that Lyndon LaRouche’s congressional campaign is so visible, and audible, especially around Washington.

FBI Covers Up Child Abuse, Murder in Nebraska

Few have dared break the wall of silence surrounding a nationwide child abuse network reaching high into state and Federal agencies.

Uproar Builds over CIA Role in Drugs

by Carlos Wesley

Scandals Worsen around Thornburgh

by Steve Komm and Jeffrey Steinberg

Mayor Barry Associates Acquitted; Government Prosecution Stung

by Debra Hanania Freeman

Political Solicitation Is Now a Crime?

How a KKK Supreme Court Judge and the ADL Ushered In the ‘New Age’

by Scott Thompson

The second in a series by various EIR investigators, looks behind the myth around Justice Hugo Black.

Ted Turner: The Goebbels of the Zero-Growth Movement

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Official Washington has CNN tuned on all day long; you should be very worried by that.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News


In our June 22 issue (Vol. 17, No. 26), the last paragraph of the article, “Gorbachov, Yeltsin Move Toward ‘Third Rome’ model,” contained an editorial interpolation, to wit: “If Moscow follows the same course as Poland and adopts free market ‘shock therapy’ à la Adam Smith—and there are many indications that this is precisely what the Soviet leadership has in mind-it is doomed.” This sentence did not express the judgment of author, Konstantin George. In the July 20 issue, the Table of Contents inadvertently omitted to list one article, “U.S. threatens to invade South America,” on p. 39.