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Volume 17, Number 41, October 26, 1990

Cover of EIR Volume 17, Number 41, October 26, 1990

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Project A

Project A  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche discusses his solution to the “Riddle of the Ages,” the Parmenides Paradox of Plato.


CHAPTER 1 The Topics  

CHAPTER 2 The Crucial Fact  

CHAPTER 3 Leibniz’s Mind  

CHAPTER 4 Plato’s ‘The One’  

CHAPTER 5 Matter Is Not Simple  

CHAPTER 6 Reaction to a Query  

CHAPTER 7 Self-Conscious Reasoning  

CHAPTER 8 Is There an American (Protestant) Ideology?  

CHAPTER 9 Determinism and Matter  

CHAPTER 10 What Is Change?  

CHAPTER 11 Change and No-Change  

CHAPTER 12 Self-Consciousness Again  

CHAPTER 13 A Self-Conscious Scientific Method  

CHAPTER 14 The Uses of Deduction  

CHAPTER 15 Religion and Creative Reason  

CHAPTER 16 The Bankruptcy of ‘Standard Theory’  

CHAPTER 17 On the Subject of Unity  

CHAPTER 18 On the Subject of Ontology, Again  

APPENDIX Euler’s Fallacies on the Subjects of Infinite Divisibility and Leibniz’s Monads  

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