Volume 17, Number 45, November 23, 1990


Book reviews

On the Centennial of De Gaulle’s Birth and on the ‘American de Gaulle’

by Katherine Kanter

Avec de Gaulle: 25 ans avec le Général de Gaulle, by Pierre Lefranc.

Books Received


Correction: In the Nov. 16 issue, in the article “New government in Pakistan,” the second sentence on page 47, should have read, “A survey two weeks earlier had projected the PPP to win 82 seats as against 71 of the III. ” The words “two weeks earlier” were accidentally deleted; the paragraph was intended to show the rapid loss of popularity of the PPP as the electoral campaign heated up.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Germany Launches Anti-War Initiatives.

Andean Report

by Mark Sonnenblick

CIA and KGB Agree on Peru “Drug War.”

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

Government Taped Noriega’s Calls.

Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Cota Meza

Mexican Vote Fraud Breaks New Ground.


by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

Month-Long Synod Closes in Rome.


De Gaulle, Kennedy, and LaRouche.


Does Chattel Slavery Exist in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia?

According to a dossier submitted to the U.S. Congress for emergency investigation, it is possible that U.S. soldiers are being sent to the Gulf in order to resurrect the institution of slavery in Kuwait, and defend the slaveholding Saudi royal family.


George Bush Goes for Showdown with Europe

by Christopher White

The Anglo-American Establishment wants to punish Europe and Japan for daring to carry out the dirigist economic policies of the American Founding Fathers.

California’s Once ‘Impregnable’ Real Estate Market Goes Bust

by Stephen Parsons

José Goldemberg, a ‘Trojan Horse’

by Lorenzo Carrasco Bazúa

A profile of Brazil’s new secretary of science and technology, whose malthusian policies have made him the darling of New York and London.

Currency Rates

The Future of Scottish Money

by R. Craig Campbell

Guest commentator R. Craig Campbell proposes linking the German mark with a new Scottish merk.

A Neglected Economy: V.P. Singh’s Legacy

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

India after 11 months of V.P. Singh’s prime ministry.

Fascist Economics Returns to New York

by Stephen Parsons


by Denise Henderson

Soviet Herds Being Slaughtered.

Business Briefs


FEMA’s Activation Sets the Stage for Rule by Decree

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been holding intense closed-door sessions on how to use the Gulf crisis as an excuse to suspend the U.S. Constitution and crush any political alternative to economic depression and war.

FEMA’s Structure for Fascist Rule

by Kathleen Klenetsky and Herbert Quinde

FEMA’s Blueprint for Action: NSDD 47

by Herbert Quinde

Documentation: From Executive Order 12656.

National Security Directives: Secret Powers of the President

by Herbert Quinde


German-Russian Deal Signed, in Hope of Averting Chaos

by Nora Hamerman

Gorbachov’s trip to Bonn sealed, on paper, the alliance the Anglo- Americans want to destroy through their Gulf war adventure. But will actual economic projects get under way in time?

‘Operation Gladio’ Reveals that Kissinger Ordered Moro Murder

by Umberto Pascali

Twelve years after the Italian leader’s assassination, Lyndon LaRouche is proven right about who did it and why.

Thatcher Attacked: Now Howe, ‘Dumb Cow’

by Mark Burdman

New Ruling Coalition Emerges in India

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

Japan-Soviet Relations: Is There ‘Yukidoke’—Slow Thaw—at Last?

by Uwe Henke v. Parpart

Japan and Russia’s Stormy Relationship

by Uwe Henke v. Parpart

Japanese-Soviet Trade Inches Forward

by Lydia Cherry

Narcos Now in Dual Power with Government of Colombia

by Andrea Olivieri

Battle Erupts over Celebration of 500th Anniversary of 1492 Voyage

by Cynthia R. Rush

Documentation: Remarks by Lyndon LaRouche.

International Intelligence


Bush’s Drive for Gulf War Meets Stiff Resistance

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Even many Establishment figures who agree with Bush’s global malthusian policies, are now saying the President is going too far, too fast, as many Americans are coming to regret the day they voted him into the White House.

Call for Teach-In To Stop War in Gulf

LaRouche Associates Begin Roanoke Trial

Voters Reject ‘Big Green’ Eco-Fascism

by James Duree, Jr.

Californians fed Jane Fonda’s “ex-wife” Tom Hayden to the whales.

Depression Shows No Incumbent Is Safe

by Webster G. Tarpley

Election analysis.

Dope Lobby Gloats over Bush’s Phony War on Drugs

A report on the conference of the Drug Policy Foundation.

Documentation: A sample of the drug lobby’s lies.

National News