Volume 17, Number 50, December 28, 1990



Luis Fernando Jaramillo

by Javier Almario

The Colombian foreign minister tries to justify how Colombia has kowtowed to Bush on economics, the Mideast, and drugs.

Juozas Tumelis

The chairman of the Council of the Lithuanian Independence Movement, Sajudis.

Vytautas Radzvilas

The vice chairman of Sajudis.

Laith F. Shubeilat

A member of the Jordanian Parliament.


Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Cota Meza

Oil Resources on the Auction Block.

Andean Report

by Alfonso Rodriguez

Venezuela’s Pérez To Pump Oil for Bush.

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

Just Why Did Bush Invade Panama?


Soviet Shakeup: LaRouche Was Right.

Strategic Studies

Baltic Drive for Freedom Faces New Moscow Hard Line

By Jan. 1, 1991, the Soviet confrontation with the Baltic states will be on in earnest.

Baltic States Appeal to World Parliaments

Five resolutions passed at the historic joint session of the Baltic Supreme Councils of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Landsbergis Deplores Western Indifference

Food Aid Must Be ‘Rigorously Controlled’

An interview with Juozas Tumelis.

‘Productive Triangle Is the Only Solution’

An interview with Vytautas Radzvilas.


IMF Recommends ‘Polish Model’ for the Soviet Union

by Christopher White

The insistence of the Anglo-American elite that the Soviet Union adopt IMF policies, is a certain road to war.

The ‘Productive Triangle’ Can Break Bottlenecks in Soviet Food Crisis

by Rainer Apel

‘Free Market’ Method Won’t Do the Job

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Currency Rates

The AIDS Tragedy Is on the Mexican Agenda

by Hugo López Ochoa


by John Hoefle

The FDIC Is Broke.


by Anthony K. Wikrent

Great Lakes Faces Shipping Bottleneck.

Business Briefs


Have Bush and Colombia Agreed To Legalize Drugs?

by José Restrepo

This annihilation of every institutional pillar of Colombian society is dangerously close with the election of the Constituent Assembly. Top on the agenda of the terrorist M-19 and the drug cartels will be to end any semblance of a war against Colombia’s vast narcotics trade, and instead to legalize it.

The Radical Liberal Roots of the Constituent Assembly

Antonio Navarro Wolf: ‘New Age’ Enforcer

Colombia Has Aligned with Bush on Economics, the Mideast ... and Drugs

by Javier Almario

An interview Foreign Minister Luis Fernando Jaramillo.

Let Us Remember the Fallen Heroes of Colombia’s War on Drugs

Profiles of martyrs Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, Jaime Ramírez Gómez, Guillermo Cano Isaza, and Luis Carlos Galán.

‘Dope, Inc.’ Sets Up New Drug Routes

by Dennis Small


Gorbachov Gets Mandate To Smash Freedom Movements

by Konstantin George

Meanwhile, six republics have made it clear they do not wish to remain in the Soviet Union at all.

LaRouche Estimate on Soviet Crisis: Gorbachov Could Be Out by Year End

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

NATO: ‘Out of Area’ or Out of Business?

by Michael Liebig

Analyzes the continental European governments’ response to Anglo-American pressures for genocidal wars on the South.

Immediate ‘Iraqi Nuclear Bomb’ Is Hoax

by Joseph Brewda

‘Iraq Always Sought a Peaceful Solution’

by Mayser Y. al-Mallah

By the cultural attaché at Iraq’s Embassy, Mayser Y. al-Mallah.

‘The United States Is Punishing Jordan’

An interview with Laith F. Shubeilat.

Aga Khan Seeks ‘New World Order’ Solution for Gulf Refugees

by Mark Burdman

Argentina’s Menem Wants Opponents Dead

by Cynthia R. Rush

When Moro Refused To Abet Mideast War

by Umberto Pascali

Ershad Arrested in Bangladesh

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

S. Korean Diplomacy Out on a Limb for Perestroika

by Lydia Cherry

International Intelligence


Chicago Teach-In Begins New Phase of Anti-War Movement

Students from nearly 50 different colleges and universities deliberated over Dec. 15-16, and came out with a manifesto demanding withdrawal from the Persian Gulf, and a Mideast “Marshall Plan” development plan, at the Schiller Institute-sponsored meeting.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche Rips Population Wars

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

From her address to a Chicago anti-war teach-in.

Court Rulings Incite Clamor for Killings

by Linda Everett

In a season of hope, the malthusians prey on despair: an analysis of the rulings in the Cruzan and Kevorkian cases.

LaRouche Testifies for the Defense in Roanoke Political Frameup Trial

by Warren J. Hamerman

Judge Protects Ollie North, ADL Cronies

by Bruce Director

New Fact Sheet Details Lies behind Bush’s Countdown to War

FBI, DEA Challenged on Lockerbie Coverup

by Jeffrey Steinberg

National News