Volume 18, Number 8, February 22, 1991



Abdelwahab El Messiri

by Joseph Brewda

The Egyptian author of several books on the Middle East is writing an encyclopedia on Zionism.

Msgr. Ladas Tulaba

by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

The former rector of the Lithuanian College of St. Casimir in Rome comments on events since Lithuania’s Feb. 9 referendum.

Book Review

Wrong in the End: What Is the Fatal Flaw of Pat Buchanan?

by Doug Mallouk

Right from the Beginning, by Patrick J. Buchanan.



by Leonardo Servadio

Pope’s Life Said To Be Threatened.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Germany’s “Gulf” Lies at the Elbe River.

Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Cota Meza

Mexican People Hostile to Bush’s War.

Andean Report

by José Restrepo

Dual Power in Colombia.

Kissinger Watch

by M.T. Upharsin

“Get out of Venezuela, Dr. K.” — “Please Explain How You Differ from Hitler.”


The Real Agenda.

Science & Technology

Making ‘Common Sense’ of Beltrami Vortex Geometry

by Charles B. Stevens

Describes how Winston Bostick’s early work in plasma pinches led to attempts to better understand astrophysical processes, such as galaxy and star formation, some of which is being corroborated by Hubble Space Telescope data today.

The Pinch Effect Revisited, Part 3

by Dr. Winston Bostick

The conclusion of Winston Bostick’s historical 1977 treatment of this feature of controlled thermonuclear fusion research.


IMF Austerity Brings Cholera Epidemic to Peru

by Mark Sonnenblick

This is the first time in 90 years that this killer has raged on the continent—and some people in the population-control crowd approve.

Currency Rates

U.S. Bombing Causing Polio and Plague

by Marcia Merry

U.S. “surgical strikes” may be breeding more disease than biological warfare.

Which Is Arrogant—California’s Water System, or Its Critics?

by Pamela Lowry

Trade Pact To Destroy Mexico, U.S. Economies

by Peter Rush

The pact with Canada helped strip its industry and agriculture. Now the Wall Street establishment wants to pit Mexico’s workers against U.S. labor.

Brazil’s Neo-Liberal Model Collapses with ‘New’ Anti-Inflation Measures

by Lorenzo Carrasco


by John Hoefle

Shooting the Messenger.

Business Briefs


Third World ‘Just Says No’ to Bush’s New World Order

by Nancy Spannaus

The bombings are provoking moral outrage, and could catalyze a worldwide anti-colonial resistance.

If This Is the New World Order, What an Ominous Future!

by Hussein, King of Jordan

The King’s Feb. 6 address, in which he reserves special greetings for Pope John Paul II and blasts the role of the United Nations.

Rajiv Gandhi Takes Point Against Obeisance to Washington

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

U.N. Did Not Intend Iraq To Be Destroyed

by Rajiv Gandhi

Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s Feb. 7 statement.

Brazil Resists U.S. on Gulf War Policy

by Lorenzo Carrasco and Cynthia R. Rush

Since the Anglo-Americans view the Amazon as the “world’s patrimony,” Brazil is on Bush’s hit-list.

Bush’s ‘New Dawn’ for Ibero-America: North-South War and No Sovereignty

by Cynthia R. Rush


Is Bush Planning To Use Nuclear Weapons?

by Joseph Brewda

The deliberate attack on a civilian air raid shelter may signal the upcoming use of nuclear arms.

New Documents Lay Bare Bush, U.N. Lies

by Joseph Brewda

The Jan. 13 transcript of Javier Pérez de Cuéllar’s meeting with Iraq’s President and his until-now secret report to the U.N.

We Do Not Want To Be Assimilated into This So-Called New International Order

by Joseph Brewda

Interview with Egyptian author Abdelwahab El Messiri.

Red Cross Appeals ‘To All Belligerents’

Lithuanian Freedom and the Gulf War

by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

Interview with Msgr. Laths Tulaba.

Soviets Begin Break from Anglo-Americans

by Konstantin George

Iceland To Establish Ties with Lithuania

by Poul Rasmussen

French Public Opinion Deeply Shaken by War

by Jacques Cheminade

New Papal Encyclical Charts Course of Optimism for Asian Missions

by Maria Cristina Fiocchi

Redemptoris Missio is John Paul II’s eighth encyclical.

North Korea Could Go Either Way

by Lydia Cherry

Did ‘Third Force’ Run S. Africa Massacre?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

International Intelligence


Defense Budget Is for Third World Wars—or World War 3

by Leo Scanlon

Bush sees the present adventure as a live-fire exercise for a force that can “project military power rapidly,” but “within fiscal constraints.”

Clark: Will U.N. Be a Party to War Crimes?

by William Jones

Even before the Dresden bombing anniversary raid on the Amariyah shelter, Ramsey Clark blasted the destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure as targeting civilians.

George Bush Blew Strategic Openings

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche’s Feb. 6 statement.

Judge Slaps Down Minnesota Attorney General

The court vacated all seizures of bank accounts and ordered “Skip” Humphrey to “discontinue” proceedings against organizations tied to the LaRouche movement.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News