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Volume 18, Number 32, August 23, 1991

Cover of EIR Volume 18, Number 32, August 23, 1991

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Dennis Small  

EIR’s director of Ibero-American intelligence was interviewed by television journalist Dr. Julio Hazim of the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Abdul Majeed al-Raf’i  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

A member of the national leadership of the Ba’ath Party and a member of Parliament in Lebanon denounces the war against Iraq.

Dr. Elias Farah  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

A member of the national leadership of the Ba’ath Party in Iraq, responsible for its External Affairs Bureau, discusses the program and philosophy of the Ba’ath.

Book Reviews

Smithsonian Exhibit Aids in Analyzing American Ideology  

by Michael Minnicino

The West as America, Reinterpreting Images of the Frontier, edited by William H. Truettner.

Defense of Maquilas Whitewashes Hell  

by Peter Rush

Maquila, Assembly Plants in Northern Mexico by Ellwyn R. Stoddard.

Schiller It’s Not  

by Martina Weiss

Schiller, by T.J. Reed.

Schiller’s ‘Rütli Oath’ and the Swiss Nation  

by Nora Hamerman


Report from Rio  

by Geraldo Luis Zaraiva Lino

The “Technological Apartheid” Treatment.

Panama Report  

by Carlos Wesley

A Bodyguard of Lies.

Andean Report  

by Valerie Rush

Bush’s “Big Stick” Policy.


The Flight Toward Autocracy.


Israel’s Apartheid System Shows Zionism Is Racism  

by Joseph Brewda

As international fanfare builds for a so-called Mideast peace conference, current Israeli policy is aimed to ensure that the lands conquered in the 1967 War would and could never be returned.


Bank Mergers Reflect Growing World Liquidity Crisis  

by Christopher White

The panic on the streets of Hong Kong reflects the same phenomenon as the panic in the offices of the U.S. banks that are being put through bankruptcy reorganization.

Dope, Inc. Expands in Asia  

by Michael Billington

Free trade zones are springing up everywhere, Mongolia is getting a stock market, and the drug traffickers are laughing all the way to the bank.

Currency Rates  

AIDS in Africa: Who Will Act?  

by Dana S. Scanlon

‘What Is Needed Is a Debtors’ Cartel, a Common Market’  

by Dr. Julio Hazim

An interview with Dennis Small.

Bush Wetlands Policy Stiffens Land Controls  

by Marcia Merry


by Suzanne Rose

The Real School Milk Scandal.

Soviet Economy  

by Denise Henderson

Grain Harvest “Worst in Years.”

Business Briefs  


Save Iraq’s Children from George Bush  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Reports on the mission of the Save the Children in Iraq group, which delivered food and medicine to Baghdad, brought 22 injured children to Germany for emergency medical treatment, and broke the “embargo on truth” imposed by the anti-Iraq coalition.

‘We Must Not Sit By as This Slow Death Continues’  

by Dr. Margit Fakhoury

A pediatrician reports on the medical crisis in Iraq.

IPO: Iraq Is Being Denied the Right to Life  

by Warren J. Hamerman

What George Bush Doesn’t Know about the Nation of Iraq  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

U.N. ‘Eases’ Embargo, Maintains Sanctions  

‘What the West Is Doing to Iraq Is Disastrous for the Human Race’  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

An interview with Dr. Abdul Majeed al-Raf’i.

Iraq Has Suffered, but We Remain Optimistic about the Future  

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

An interview with Dr. Elias Farah.


Great Powers Plot To Restore King of Serbia  

by Mark Burdman

The current maneuvering will most likely lead to a military thrust outward by Serbia, pointing to an extraordinarily bloody slaughter ahead.

The Stakes in the Yugoslav Civil War  

by Uwe Friesecke

A background briefing from a German expert.

Crimes Against LaRouche Aired before United Nations Commission  

by Warren J. Hamerman

Warren Hamerman of the International Progress Organization testifies before the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in Geneva.

Argentina’s Frondizi Asks OAS To Take LaRouche Case  

by Arturo Frondizi

Iran’s Bakhtiar Murdered in France  

by Mark Burdman

Kashmir: New Test Case for British ‘New World Order’  

by Linda de Hoyos

A Tribute to Shahpour Bakhtiar  

International Intelligence  


Democrats Set Stage for Another Election Debacle  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

From the crew that brought you Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, and Michael Dukakis: this year, nothing!

New Evidence Links CAN ‘Cult Awareness’ Network to Satanists  

The Cult Awareness Network has some very strange bedfellows, including links to the “Son of Sam” murders of the 1970s.

Cotton Club Killers’ Satanic Links Buried  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Thousands Defy Court in Pro-Life Protest  

by Linda Everett

National News  

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