Volume 18, Number 44, November 15, 1991



Masataka Nakamura

by Kathy Wolfe

The general manager of the offices of Mitsui Trust Co. in New York and a member of the Mitsui international board of directors spoke to EIR at a conference of Japanese and U.S. businessmen near Washington.

Sumihito Hirai

by Kathy Wolfe

The director of external affairs for Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in New York discusses Japanese investment strategies and the prospects for U.S.-Japanese relations.


LaRouche Decries Cult of ‘Absolute Music’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A Minnesota Symphony Orchestra broadcast concert of Mozart’s Mass in C and Symphony No. 40 in G Minor.

‘Circa 1492’: What the Iberian Renaissance Gave to the Americas

by Nora Hamerman

Circa 1492: Art in the Age of Exploration, edited by Jay A. Levenson; and Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries, introduction by Octavio Paz. Part II in a series.



by Suzanne Rose

USDA To Curb Food Stamp Use.


by John Hoefle

Bush Defeats His Own Bill.

Africa Report

by Jacques Cheminade

Compromise and Isolation in Algeria.

Australia Dossier

by Lydia Cherry

Uproar over Media Buyout.

Andean Report

by Valerie Rush

Venezuela Fight Centers on Dope, Inc.


A Very Close Call.

Science & Technology

The Human Mind Is Not a Computer

by Laurence Hecht

The fundamental question is that which divides the world view of Socrates and Plato from that of Aristotle—whether human creativity exists as a force that changes the universe, and whether man can know the truth in connection with the Absolute. A report on a speech by Dino de Paoli, author of “Georg Cantor’s Contribution to the Study of Human Mind—A Refutation of Artificial Intelligence,” to a conference of the International Caucus of Labor Committees and Schiller Institute.

Appendix: On the Notion of Continuity and the Infinitesimal

by Dino de Paoli

Anti-Science Mob a Threat to Your Food

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht


The Ides of November Stalk Bush’s ‘Recovery’

by Stephen Parsons

Lowering interest rates didn’t boost “consumer confidence,” it just depressed the U.S. bond auction.

Mexicans Speak Out against NAFTA

by Cynthia R. Rush and Peter Rush

Documentation: From a speech by Manuel Villagómez Rodríguez, president of the National Federation of Micro-Industries.

Bushmen Offer Japan a Cut of the ‘New World Order’—Or Else

by Kathy Wolfe

‘Trading Blocs Are a Good Development’

by Kathy Wolfe

An interview with Masataka Nakamura.

The Debt Crisis Has Stymied Development

by Kathy Wolfe

An interview with Sumihito Hirai.

Study Team Finds One-Third of Iraqi Children Are Malnourished

Second in a series of articles excerpting from the report of the International Study Team which surveyed Iraq’s health and welfare, with a focus on the country’s children.

Currency Rates

Menem Applies ‘Savage Capitalism’

by Gerardo Terán and Cynthia R. Rush

Argentina has taken the disastrous route of “total deregulation” of the economy.

Business Briefs


IMF Holocaust Sweeps Africa: 30 Million at Risk

by Linda de Hoyos

The policy dogmas of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have failed miserably, to the point that Africa today stands on the brink of extinction.

Ghana in 1966: The Same IMF Method

by Linda de Hoyos

Disease Holocaust Afflicts Africa

by Jutta Dinkermann

The AIDS Scourge Sweeps Africa

A map and country-by-country rundown of the worst-hit areas.

Program for a True Development Decade

An excerpt from the Schiller Institute’s proposal, submitted to the U.N. General Assembly in September.


Winter Food Crisis Begins in Russia

by Konstantin George

When the mayor of St. Petersburg has to phone up the commander of the Navy’s Baltic Fleet to get 100,000 tons of German potatoes shipped from Hamburg to angry Russian consumers, you know there’s a problem.

Taiwan Targeted by ‘Independence’ Drive

by Michael Billington

Kohl: Recognize Croatia and Slovenia!

by Umberto Pascali

Croatian Medical HQ Appeals for Truth

An “Appeal for the Truth about the Dirty War Against the Republic of Croatia,” circulated by Dr. Milos Judas for the Staff of the Medical Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia.

Bush’s Mideast ‘Peace’ Theater

by Joseph Brewda

OAS Takes Up Human Rights for Terrorists

by Valerie Rush

Yet they refused to consider a complaint of human and civil rights violations against Lyndon LaRouche.

International Intelligence


Wofford Beats Thornburgh in Anti-Bush Upset Vote

by Philip Valenti

The Nov. 5 election results in Pennsylvania and several other states bore out EIR’s warnings that George Bush’s economic policies can spell his political downfall.

The Reasons Why Kissinger and His Sponsors Fear LaRouche’s Power

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Irangate Figure Gets Eastern Europe Post

by Scott Thompson

Former CIA agent Walter Raymond is running the President’s Eastern European Initiative, and he’s up to no good.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News