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Volume 19, Number 2, January 10, 1992

Cover of EIR Volume 19, Number 2, January 10, 1992

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Dr. Zarko Domijan  

by Diana Olaya de Terán

The president of the Croatian Parliament spoke with EIR during a trip to Argentina.

Joseph Nerette  

by Carlos Wesley

Haiti’s Provisional President denounces the U.S. embargo, and the “profound and regrettable ignorance” of Haiti that is manifested in Washington.


Best CD of Verdi’s Best Schiller Opera  

Don Carlos, by Giuseppe Verdi; Carlo Maria Giulini, Conductor; Royal Opera House Orchestra.



by Robert L. Baker

Wildlife Groups Gobble Up Farmland.

Report from Rio  

by Luis Nava

Two Plagues Threatening Brazil.

Africa Report  

by Jacques Cheminade

National Conference in Niger.

Dateline Mexico  

by Carlos Cota Meza

NAFTA on the Ropes.

Andean Report  

by Carlos Méndez

Alan García Wins a Battle.

Panama Report  

by Carlos Wesley

Two Years of U.S. Occupation.


Dream Turned Nightmare.

Science & Technology

Global Warming: The Rest of the Story  

by Gerd R. Weber

Are we facing a weather disaster, or is it just media psychosis? Part 1 of a series of excerpts from a forthcoming book by German meteorologist Gerd R. Weber.


Russian Economic Debate Needs LaRouche Program  

by Denise Henderson

With price controls lifted on Jan. 2, under the influence of Jeffrey Sachs and the Harvard “free-trade” mafia, and with organized crime having a heyday, everything is set for an explosion. Lyndon LaRouche urges the “Minsk Community” nations to rapidly enact currency reforms.

How the Economy of Bolivia Became Addicted to Cocaine  

by Dennis Small

Jeffrey Sachs’s first “success story.”

Foreigners Are Not To Blame for GM Crisis  

by Marsha Freeman

BCCI Plea Bargain a Shameful Coverup  

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Scott Thompson

Unicef Report: 250,000 Children Die Each Week  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Where Do We Get the Money To Pay for Great Infrastructure Projects?  

by Frank Hahn

Frank Hahn of the Schiller Institute in Germany traces the historical roots of the system of state credit creation: anathema to the flea marketeers.

Currency Rates  

‘Shock Therapy’ Formulas Have Ruined the Bulgarian Economy  

by Dr. T. Nikolov

A speech by Dr. T. Nikolov of the Institute of the World Economy in Bulgaria, to a conference of the Schiller Institute.

Business Briefs  


Save-the-Banks Swindles Destroying the U.S. Economy  

by Marcia Merry

All told, in 1991, the federal government seized banks and thrifts with a total of $151.7 billion in assets. The taxpayer is footing the bill for the bailout, and is told that the “recovery” is just around the corner. Yet day by day, the crisis gets worse. The time has come for a change in policy.

FDIC Figures Show U.S. Banking System Is Hopelessly Bankrupt  

by John Hoefle

Analysis of the government’s own statistics leads to quite a different conclusion than the spin-doctors from the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve.

The LaRouche Record on the Banking Crisis  


Why Recognition of Croatia Was Postponed  

by Umberto Pascali

The diplomatic arm-wrestling goes on behind the scenes, and the Anglo-Americans are doing everything to prevent Germany from flexing any independent political muscle. Meanwhile, at Christmas, entire communities in Croatia were being wiped off the map.

Our Freedom Depends on All Nations Being Free  

by Diana Olaya de Terán

An interview with Dr. Zarko Domijan.

Li Peng’s Bid for India Falls Flat in Delhi Visit  

by Ramtanu Maitra and Susan Maitra

Dispute over the China-India Border  

The Embargo Violates Haiti’s Status as a Sovereign State  

by Carlos Wesley

An interview with Joseph Nerette.

The Demjanjuk Case: Lawyer Charges Conspiracy, Frameup  

by Joseph Brewda

LaRouche Case Hits Moscow Newspaper  

The newspaper of Moscow’s Democratic Union Party, Svobodnoye Slovo, runs extensive coverage of the “American dissident,” including his program for economic recovery.

U.S. Targets Jordan, King Hussein  

by Joseph Brewda

International Intelligence  


Establishment Fears LaRouche Presidential Bid  

by Mel Klenetsky

For the first time in the history of the Federal Election Commission, a candidate has met the qualifications for receiving matching funds for his presidential campaign bid, and has been denied funds.

Virginia’s Terry Gets Slammed by the Press  

Trouble for the “Get LaRouche” task force.

Virginia Inmate Fights for His Life  

by Anita Gallagher

Kevorkian Faces Grand Jury Probe  

by Linda Everett

Elephants and Donkeys  

by Kathleen Klenetsky

“Draft Cuomo” Operation Under Way.

Congressional Closeup  

by William Jones

National News  

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