Volume 19, Number 42, October 23, 1992



Sen. Luciano Barca

by Claudio Celani

Senator Barca, a member of the Democratic Party of the Left (PDS) in the Italian Senate, blasts the monetarist assumptions behind the Maastricht setup.


Strategic Map

Greenpeace Begins Terrorism Against Japan.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Free Trade Policy Takes a Hit.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Opposition to IMF Austerity Grows.

Andean Report

by Carlos Méndez

After Guzmán, the “Moderates.”

Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Méndez

PAN Party Splits.

Letters to the Editor

Baha’i “religion,” conspiracies, and populism.


The Great Debate that Wasn’t.

Political Economy

Casino Mondiale: A Swindle Runs the Monetary System

by Christopher White, Marcia Merry, John Hoefle, Anthony K. Wikrent, and Laurence Hecht

The so-called debt multiplier and other tricks have transformed the U.S. Treasury into the house bank of the world currency and bond market casino, and the Federal Reserve into the employee who deals winning hands from a stacked deck to favored clients. But the rigged system has broken down.

Non-Money: How the Deficit Is Created

by Christopher White

World Trade Declines as Speculators Rush In

by Anthony K. Wikrent

LaRouche: ‘There’s No Recovery, Anywhere’

Crack-Up of Dollar Era Institutions, June-October 1992

From Worker to Yuppie: What Happened to America’s Labor Force?

by Laurence Hecht


London Decrees: U.S. Must Get No New Infrastructure

by Marcia Merry

If you believe the Economist of London, the United States does not need roads, bridges, water projects, and modern transportation, because the “baby boom” is over, and we’re in the post-industrial society. No thanks, guys!

Economic Depression Is Causing Political Shocks in Britain

by Mark Burdman

Currency Rates

Unregulated Market Leads to Chaos

by Claudio Celani

An interview with Sen. Luciano Barca in Rome.


by John Hoefle

Citicorp’s Coverup Is Cracking.

Business Briefs


Argentine Patriots Meet To ‘Rebuild the Nation’

by Cynthia R. Rush

The Movement for National Identity and Ibero-American Integration, founded in Buenos Aires, stands in opposition to the free market policies of President Menem and the international bankers.

The Movement’s Founding Principles

Who is Col. Seineldín, and Why Is He in Jail?

by Cynthia R. Rush

Seineldín: ‘A Job for Men of Courage’

by Col. Mohamed Alí Seineldín

Breide: What We Mean by ‘Revolution’

by Capt. Gustavo Breide Obeid

Worldwide Messages of Support Pour In


Pope Rejects Pre-Columbian ‘Anti-Culture of Death’

by Carlos Wesley

Documentation: From statements by Pope John Paul II in the Dominican Republic.

Seoul-Beijing Ties Portend Instability

by Lydia Cherry

In Jordan, Eyes Are on the Show Trial of Popular Muslim Leader Shubeilat

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Will the Communist Party Take China Down with It?

by Mark Burdman

Bosnia Expires under the British Knife

by Katherine Kanter

Disinformation from the Stasi’s Psywar Kitchen: The KGB and HVA

by Anno Hellenbroich

Part 2 of a series.

Iraq’s Dying Children: ‘If This Is the New World Order, What Is Hell?’

by Lydia Cherry

Documentation: Excerpts from the report on Iraqi infant and child mortality since the war, by a Harvard team.

International Intelligence


Bush Apparatus Unraveling over ‘Iraqgate’ Coverup

by Edward Spannaus

There’s open warfare among the crooks at the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the CIA—the heart of the U.S. police-state apparatus.

Senate Report Exposes ‘Mother of All Scandals’

by Mark Burdman

CAN Nervous as Trial Date Set in Kidnap Plot

U.S. Supreme Court To Allow Execution of the Innocent?

by Anita Gallagher

National News