Volume 19, Number 48, December 4, 1992



Rodolfo Oswaldo González Meda and Fernando Becaga

by Gerardo Terán Canal

Two leaders of Argentina’s retiree movement show how IMF austerity conditionalities have driven the elderly into desperate straits.

Book Reviews

‘Nightmare’ Is Not Meant as Fiction

by Kathy Wolfe

Pacific Nightmare: How Japan Starts World War III, A Future History, by Simon Winchester.

Another Attempt To Cover Up Mozart’s Assassination Fails

by David Shavin

The Mozart Myths: A Critical Reassessment, by William Stafford.


Dateline Mexico

by Rubén Cota

Credit Screws Are Tightening.

Andean Report

by Ludovico Benítez

New Scandal Breaks Out in Venezuela.

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

Coming Apart at the Seams.

Music Views and Reviews

by Kathy Wolfe

“Messiah” and “The Creation” for Christmas.


It’s Your Responsibility.


New York Bankers Issue Marching Orders to Clinton

by Kathleen Klenetsky

The “100-day economic agenda” scheduled to be published shortly by the New York Council on Foreign Relations, calls for vicious austerity, as the financial elites follow in the footsteps of Nazi Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht.

Clinton To Revive Carter Energy Policy?

by Marsha Freeman

Gonzalez Calls for Hearings on the Fed

by William Jones

GATT Talks Resume amid Monetary Chaos

by Marcia Merry

Currency Rates

Unionists Take Dim View of NAFTA

Documentation: From speeches at a conference on “Trade Union Response to Global Free Trade,” held at Pennsylvania State University’s Australia-New Zealand Studies Center.

Bankers’ Socialism Leaves Spain in Chaos

by María del Carmen de Pérez Galindo

Nothing Being Done To Stop African Epidemics


by Suzanne Rose

Usury against Farmers Exposed.


by John Hoefle

The Bronfmans Sue the Reichmanns.

Business Briefs

Science & Technology

Methyl Bromide Ban Will Hasten World Depopulation

by Rogelio A. Maduro

The Montreal Protocol group that fashioned the excuses to ban CFCs is meeting in Copenhagen to ban another crucial compound—and millions will pay with their lives.

EPA Challenged about Methyl Bromide Lies

Hitler, Too, Was an Environmentalist

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Conference Report

Columbus Quincentenary Is Celebrated in Brazil

by Silvia Palacios

At a seminar in the city of Anápolis on “The Fifth Centenary of the Evangelization and Ibero-American Integration,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche joined Brazilian leaders in founding the Center for Ibero-American Studies and Solidarity.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: ‘We Need a World Reconstruction Program’

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The Earth Could Sustain 35 Billion Human Beings

by Dom Manoel Pestana Filho

A summary of the speech by Dom Manoel Pestana Filho, the bishop of Annapolis.

Argentine Patriots Greet Center for Solidarity

Greetings from Col. Mohamed Alí Seineldín and Capt. Gustavo Breide Obeid.

Brazilian Armed Forces Prepare To Defend National Sovereignty

by Lorenzo Carrasco Bazúa


Iran May Be Next To Get ‘Desert Storm’ Treatment

by Joseph Brewda

The same Anglo-American channels that duped Iraq into going to war with Iran in 1980, and into invading Kuwait in 1990, are at it again, trying to shore up their geopolitical power.

Half a Million Bosnians Face Death; Balkan War Looms in Next Phase

by Konstantin George and Nora Hamerman

Was Windsor Castle Fire an Act of God?

by Mark Burdman

Peru’s Fujimori Wins Election, But Not Freedom from Foreign Pressure

by Gretchen Small

Britain on Reckless Course in Hong Kong

by Mary McCourt Burdman

International Intelligence


Reconstruction: The Civil War Battle Yet To Be Won

by Fredric W. Henderson

Tells the real story of the battle over Reconstruction after the Civil War. It was a bitter strategic fight between the advocates of the American System of political economy on the one side, and the British-backed usurious bankers, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Freemasons on the other.


Two Cities Demand Demolition of KKK Founder Pike’s Statue

by Patricia Salisbury

The national mobilization launched by Lyndon LaRouche and the Rev. James Bevel has scored some victories, and the KKK’s backers are furious. When will the despicable statue in the nation’s capital finally come down?

Atlantic Council Sees Split with Europe

by William Jones

National News