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Volume 20, Number 17, April 30, 1993

Cover of EIR Volume 20, Number 17, April 30, 1993

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Panama Report  

by Carlos Wesley

Peru Rebuffs Panama’s Blackmail.

Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

Old Monetarists Are No Lesser Evil.

Andean Report  

by Javier Almario

Talk of Legalizing Drugs in Colombia.

Report from Rio  

by Silvia Palacios

Is Brazil on the Yugoslav Path?

Music Views and Reviews  

by Kathy Wolfe

June Anderson, Come Home to ‘Bel Canto.’


The U.S. Must Go Nuclear.

Science & Technology

Russian Cold Fusion Effort Utilizes Solid Electrolyte  

by Carol White

After the success of Fleischmann and Pons, the Russians may have come up with an “encore,” according to the weekly of the Ural Bureau of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

What Are Tungsten Bronzes?  

by Mark Wilsey

How ‘Big Science’ Stifles Discovery  

by Giuliano Preparata

By particle physicist Dr. Giuliano Preparata.


Group of Seven Offers Russia Bogus Aid Package  

by Marcia Merry

Of the $43 billion promised, most is not actual money, but smoke and mirrors. Every real dollar being offered is tied to more of the same “shock therapy” policies that created the present crisis in the first place.

Russia’s New SDI Offer Heralds Scientific and Strategic Revolution  

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Senior Russian Official Confirms SDI Proposal  

The LaRouche SDI Economic Policy Versus Phil Gramm’s ‘Brand X’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

From the weekly radio broadcast “EIR Talks with Lyndon LaRouche.”

FOIA Documents Show Farmers and Government Systematically Defrauded  

by Brian Lantz

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has known for years that bankers and others have been defrauding farm loan programs but nothing was done to stop it.

Currency Rates  


by John Hoefle

Bailout Money Goes To Maintain Bubble.

Business Briefs  


Energy BTU Tax Will Plunge U.S. into Darkness  

by Richard Freeman

The new tax being proposed by President Clinton will tax energy use, starting with 25.70 per 1 million BTUs contained in coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric power. This will cut energy consumption and production, slash jobs in the goods-producing sectors of the economy, and jeopardize what remains of the U.S. productive economy. Yet so far, there is no significant resistance to the plan.


UN Paves the Way for Serbian Takeover of Bosnia  

by Konstantin George

With the fall of the eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, the Serbs have launched a new offensive to consolidate their gains—while UN commanders drink brandy with the Serbian military chieftains.

Wiesenthal Defends Serbian Crimes  

by Mark Burdman

Italy: A Plebiscite against the State  

by Leonardo Servadio

New Evidence Shows Inter-American Dialogue Threat to Ibero-America  

Ishaq Khan Seizes Control in Pakistan  

by Ramtanu Maitra

South Africa at Crossroads between Vision and Pragmatism  

by Uwe Friesecke

Will U.S. Occupy Haiti under UN Auspices?  

by Valerie Rush

International Intelligence  


Masonic Judge Jails Two To Save Albert Pike Statue  

Civil rights activist Rev. James Bevel and historian Anton Chaitkin were jailed on outrageous charges of “statue climbing,” for leading a demonstration at the statue of Freemason and KKK founder Albert Pike in Washington, D.C. Two days earlier, the National Conference of Black Mayors passed a resolution calling for the statue to be removed.

The LaRouche Case: New ADL Revelations Added to Freedom Bid  

National News  

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