Volume 20, Number 26, July 2, 1993



Dr. Kofi Awoonor

by Dana S. Scanlon

Ghana’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations was chairman of the Group of 77 developing nations in 1991. In this wide-ranging interview, he evaluates the world strategic crisis, and demands a standard of morality in international affairs that is now sorely lacking.


Report from Rio

by Lorenzo Carrasco

“Final Solution” for Brazilian State.

Andean Report

by Gretchen Small

Sachs Maniac Wins Bolivian Elections.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

A “War of Words,” or Something More?


The Course of Human Events.

Strategic Studies

Brazil Battles To Defend Its Nuclear Energy Program

by Lorenzo Carrasco and Alberto Sábato

Report on a key flank in the global resistance to “technological apartheid,” the Anglo-American policy of denying development to the nations of the South.

Admiral Alberto’s Battle against Bernard Baruch

The True History of Non-Proliferation

by Lorenzo Carrasco and Alberto Sábato

The Return of Bernard Baruch

by Lorenzo Carrasco


G-7 Summit Haunted by Mass Unemployment, Soros

by Richard Freeman

With the fall of the government of the host country, Japan, and with every other Group of Seven government in the soup, will any of the world leaders present in Tokyo have the courage to address the real issues?

Rep. Henry Gonzalez Calls for Congressional Probe of George Soros

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Gonzalez identified EIR’s role in exposing the crisis in the derivatives markets, which he called “a tinderbox waiting to explode.”

Mass Protests in the Chinese Hinterlands

by Mary M. Burdman

Currency Rates


by Anthony K. Wikrent

Another Airline May Not Fly Much Longer.

Business Briefs


Worldwide Underpopulation Crisis Looms

by Mary M. Burdman

While the malthusians babble about uncontrolled population growth, the fact is that for the past three decades, we have been undergoing a devastating collapse of fertility in the industrialized nations. The same pattern is hitting now in Third World nations as well, as people of child-bearing years are wiped out by disease and famine. Mary Burdman conducts a survey of demographic studies, carried out by both private demographers and public agencies, which show that there is no such thing as zero growth: Either population grows, or it collapses.

How Reliable Are the UN’s Population Figures?

LaRouche on the Underpopulation Crisis

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


UN Imperial Precedents Set in Somalia and Haiti

by Joseph Brewda and Peter Rush

With the imposition of a naval blockade on Haiti, and the bombing of Somalia’s civilian population, the Security Council’s permanent members have resumed their drive for one-world government.

Versailles, British Masonry Criticized in Former Yugoslavia

by Umberto Pascali

Archbishop Appeals to Croats and Muslims

by Cardinal Franjo Kuharic

Hungary’s Efforts To Stabilize the Region

by Istvan Morvay

Speech at the Schiller Institute’s conference in Bonn, “Toward a Durable Peace in Europe.”

Shamed at Home, ADL Skulks Off To Spread Filth in Argentina

by Cynthia R. Rush

Western Inaction in Balkans War Encourages ‘Great Russia’ Expansion

by Konstantin George

Seventy Governments at Conference in Vienna Oppose ‘Human Rights’ Ploys

by Lydia Cherry

‘A Clash between Two Western Traditions’

by Ali Alatas

Speech by the Indonesian Foreign Minister to the World Conference on Human Rights.

Will Russian Crisis Shatter UN’s Utopian Global Agenda?

by Mark Burdman

Turkey’s New Prime Minister: Joan of Arc or Margaret Thatcher?

by Dean Andromidas

Drug Legalization Push Takes Off in Colombia

by Valerie Rush

International Intelligence


Congress Debates Budget Plan To Kill Poor, Elderly

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Is everybody in Washington determined to sacrifice their constituencies on the altar of deficit reduction?

The Fallacy of U.S. Policy toward Ukraine

by Edward Spannaus

‘Co-Signers’ To Meet July 2-4 in Philadelphia

Rev. James Bevel is spearheading an initiative to reaffirm the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

Panicky Masons Win Pyrrhic Victory at Southern Baptist Convention

by Scott Thompson

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News