Volume 20, Number 29, July 30, 1993



Dr. All Elhag Mohamed

Sudan’s Minister of Economic Planning and Investment, Dr. Ali Elhag led the Sudanese government delegation at the peace talks with SPLA rebels in Abuja, Nigeria.

Lewis du Pont Smith

by Lotta-Stina Thronell

A Du Pont heir and an associate of Lyndon LaRouche, Smith has been touring Europe and the United States to dramatize the book Travesty, which tells the story of the Anti-Defamation League and Cult Awareness Network’s aborted plot to kidnap him and his wife. He gave this interview to the Swedish anti-drug magazine Stoppa Knarket.

Book Reviews

Witnesses for the Prosecution

by Harley Schlanger

Inside the Cult, by Marc Breault and Martin King; and See No Evil: Blind Devotion and Bloodshed in David Koresh’s Holy War, by Tim Madigan.


The Truth about Carlos Andrés Pérez

Part 1 of a series on the recently suspended President of Venezuela, the Anglo-Americans’ favorite puppet in Ibero-America, who is now facing criminal charges for corruption. From a pamphlet circulated by the Venezuelan Labor Party and the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement.

Science & Technology

Environmentalists Gear Up Anti-Pesticide Hoax

by Dr. Thomas H. Jukes

The most stringent state surveys show pesticide residues far below EPA standards, which themselves are set far above the hazardous level. Why the scare then?

U.S. Health Risk Testing Is ‘Worthless’

by Mark Wilsey

Prof. Aaron Wildavsky exposes the fraud behind “health risk assessment,” at a Washington, D.C. conference on the theme “Hazardous to Your Health: Toxics, Torts, and Environmental Bureaucracy.”


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

German Fertilizers for African Farmers.

Andean Report

by Peter Rush

Colombia Oil Find Sparks Policy Brawl.

Report from Rio

by Geraldo Lino

NGOs Assault Brazil on Environment.


Your Children Are Being Abused.


Corrupt Fed Runs Economic Warfare To Prop Up Banks

by John Hoefle and Scott Thompson

E. Gerald Corrigan, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, has resigned from that post and will join the board of the newly created Russian American Enterprise Fund—a vehicle for looting the Russian economy. Just what you’d expect from the cronies of George Soros.

Soros Out To Devalue Mark, Attack U.S.

by Scott Thompson

Behind China’s Economic Chaos Lies Boundless Corruption

by Cho Wen-pin

Currency Rates

Business Briefs


Drug Legalization: It Must Be Stopped, Again

by Michele Steinberg

From London to Washington to Bolivia, the drug legalizers, represented by the Inter-American Dialogue, the Drug Policy Foundation, and a network of private organizations affiliated with the United Nations, are on a drive to legalize the drugs that destroy the minds of children and the sovereignty of nations.

United States: Drug Decrim Is Coming through the Back Door

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Ibero-America: Drug Legalization Back on the Agenda

by Valerie Rush

EIR Warned of Drug Legalization Push in 1991

Bush’s Phony War on Drugs Paved the Way

by Jeffrey Steinberg


Russian Nuclear Missiles Can Still Destroy the World

Lyndon LaRouche commented on recent developments in Russia, “We are now at the beginning of what could become World War III, unless we come to our senses.”

The Russo-Tajik Agreement and Its Political Effects on Central Asia

by M. Babur

Iraq Three Years After the war: Genocide in a Test Tube

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Italy Challenges ‘New World Disorder’ in Somalia

by Claudio Celani

All Italy Knows Who the Enemy Is

Somalia: A Bad End for the U.S. Empire

by Leonardo Servadio

Washington’s Handprints Found in Pakistan Crisis Management

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

Corrupt French Elites Launch New McCarthyite Inquisition

by Mark Burdman

One Doesn’t Need the IMF or World Bank To Survive

An interview with Dr. Ali Elhag Mohamed.

International Intelligence


Declare National Emergency To Recover from Flood

by Marcia Merry

Restoring the vast area devastated by floods will require declaring and acting on a nationwide economic emergency. A of now, the U.S. economy simply does not have the output potential to produce the physical goods needed to rebuild and improve the water resources system of the country.

LaRouche Appeal: Fourth Circuit Kills Oral Argument

Did ADL Try To Impede San Francisco Probe?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

‘Dare To Be as Courageous as Sweden’s King Gustavus III’

by Lotta-Stina Thronell

An interview with Lewis du Pont Smith.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones and Carl Osgood

National News